Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    While visiting the Grump's  place to check it out as a potential safe house, he and i started  talking about ideas for the blog. 
Some people do like to purchase Manson related stuff.
From posters to t-shirts and artwork.  If you have any links or addresses on where to find M stuff
e-mail it to EviLiz

Anybody have any other suggestions e-mail them to me.

Whatcha have?

Does anybody happen to have any artwork/craft work by any of the Family members they would like to share? Maybe one of Tex's wooden pull toys OR even better- a Charlie spider or scorpion?

Gold Tiger Eye Braclet & Ring
tiger's eye bracelet and ring by Sadie

T- Shirt

This was recommend to me for the "Heres Charlie" shirt.  I briefly looked around the site and did not see anything else Manson related.  There might be more, I just didn't look around much.

serial killer calendar link

Serial Killer Calendar site is alot more that just calendars.  It seems you can get any serial killers face or Charlie's face pretty much on anything.  Wall clocks, mugs and steins even bbq aprons. 
Tons of videos as well.

manson girls movie

Interview with John McFee and Guy Allison of The Doobie Brothers and Manson Girls.

The Snuff Flicks buried in Death Valley

Weird.  They are making a movie on the mysterious death of Bobby Fuller.  He was the guy that wrote
"I fought the law". Very tragic the way he died.

For some reason they are throwing Charlie in the mix along with the missing snuff movies supposedly buried in Death Valley.  The snuff stuff might "hold the secret to Fuller's death."  I copied a couple of paragraphs for you below.
The Colonel is going to be on a rant.

it looks like James Marsden isn’t ready to just get sucked into the vacuum of generic films quite yet. Deadline reports that the actor will be playing famous cult leader (and decent musician) Charles Manson in The Dead Circus. The movie, written by Adam Davenport and John Kaye (who also wrote the novel), fictionalizes the very real and very mysterious death of singer Bobby Fuller, throwing in the Manson family as part of the conspiracy for giggles. 

With the help of a former Manson Family member who’s trying to put her past behind her, he finds out that the mystery of Fuller’s death may be solvable if he can find a series of snuff films the Family shot back in the 60′s, which have been buried in Death Valley, California

The Dead Circus is currently seeking financing with eyes on starting production this summer in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

girls w/guns

photo property of
robert hendrickson

Photo property of
Robert Hendrickson

creepy crawly

Really good article recommended by Sbuch.  The beginning is the same old same old but if you read on, there is a very interesting stories told by Box Canyon residents of coming home and finding they had been "creepy crawled".

record image borrowed from

Gypsy is hot

posted by Panamint Patty

Awesome poem by political activist and author John Ross who died last January. It's about Gypsy:

Scroll down and read the one called "Wanted." Panamint Patty is straight, but this poem gets her kinda hot, anyways.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Panamint Patty's Death Valley Adventures, Part II

Lots gets written about the Goler Wash but not much about the eastern approach from Death Valley. On Panamint Patty's recent adventure, she and Mr. Patty decided to see some of the places mentioned in Bob Murphy's book, Desert Shadows. Below is a snapshot of Murphy's map. You can see the little town of Trona at bottom left. Just southeast of there are the Trona Pinnacles, which we discussed recently in our roast of Bill Nelson. The photo above should be familiar to you from his footage of his wife and Cappy strolling casually among the tufas:Here's a look from West Road in Death Valley towards the southwest. Beyond this range is China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station (home to some of the most extraordinary petroglyphs in the world: Google "Little Petroglyph Canyon" for more details but don't use Wikipedia or Evil Liz might find out. She's evil that way). Barker Ranch is maybe 40 miles from this point to the right of Owlshead mountain, visible at the very far right.Below: a panoramic view of Butte Valley toward Anvil Spring and Mengel Pass. The large, black butte in the foreground is Striped Butte. It looks stripier in the summer when it's not sporting a fuzzy beard. If you Google-Earth the area, you can totally make out Striped Butte because it's a darkly shaped trapezoid in a sea of beige. You can also make out this trail diagonally on its right.Photo taken towards where we want to go, from the Willow Spring road. Can you spot a wee little cairn up there in the distance?Dune buggies found at the Willow Springs area in October, 1969. According to Bob Murphy in Desert Shadows, "In this vehicle were found a pair of bolt cutters and a spotting scope. They would later learn the bolt cutters had been used to cut telephone wires at the Sharon Tate house. The spotting scope was probably the one Charlie took from Dennis Wilson's house." Damn. Panamint Patty wonders who plundered those little goodies from an evidence locker? The Anvil Springs area where Stephanie Schram and Kitty Lutesinger surrendered to CHP officers who were in the area preparing to move the stolen dune buggies. Murphy writes: "As they approached Anvil Springs just after dark (on October 10), Hainey and Officer Ben Anderson observed two hippies running up the road toward them. Both said that they were fleeing from Charlie, the leader of The Family, and that they were afraid for their lives. They had left...the day before and...were relieved to learn that Clem and Randy had been arrested."Turning the very last corner out of Butte Valley; Mengel Pass is visible. Carl Mengel is buried under that cairn along with his prosthetic leg. Carl died in the 40's, but is responsible for giving Sourdough Springs (on the Goler Wash side of the pass) its name because fried liver and sourdough pancakes were his favorite breakfast.Liz, Grump, et. al. were talking earlier this week about the blue and white bus. The route detailed above is said to be the route that was used to get the bus to Barker Ranch. In the photo below, the bus is sitting just outside the fence line at the northwestern corner of the ranch:Which, coincidentally, is where the crapper now sits, right about where the driver's seat used to be (note tall and short post in each photo to orient yourself):The above photo was taken very near the entrance to the Barker Garbage dump and Helter Skelter truck, in a little draw just to the north, right where Grump says the bus sat until the early 1980's. Makes sense to Panamint Patty. Look at the undercarriage on the darned! It sure wasn't going to go much further in one piece!

The 59' Ford got me to thinking about Jonathan  Davis 
lead singer of the band Korn and, owner of Ted Bundy's V.W.
Korn performed on the Ozzfest tour a few times.  
I used to attend every year.  As a side attraction one year Davis brought a tractor trailer full of his true crime / musician memorabilia.  I paid the $5 to walk thru the whole thing.  
He has a very huge collection of stuff.  
Old surgery tools, barbaric implements of torture,  
John Gacy's artwork as well as his Pogo the clown costume.  
I remember he had a number of Kurt Cobain's guitars 
and quite a bit of other Kurt stuff as well.  Well worth the $5.00.

I have included a link to an article about  Davis and his "murderabilia" collection.   The article mentions how he 
managed to purchase Bundy's car. 
Which makes me think the owner of the 59' Ford may have purchased the Manson/Swartz car the same way.

Ted Bundy's V.W. on display.

Jonathan Davis owner of the Bundy V.W. murder bug.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

59' Ford

From the 2010 "Behind- The- Scenes - The L.A.P.D 
Homicide Experience" held at The Palms Casino in N.V.  
The 1959 Ford the Family used as their murder mode of transportation.  What I would like to know is-
where the hell has this car been since 1969?  
Who had it, how did they acquire it and 
where do they keep it the rest of the year?
Did Juan Swartz make any money off the sale?


Another thing I sometimes wonder is-
where is the Helter Skelter cabinet door
taken from Juan Flynn's trailer?
Does it belong to the same person who now owns the 59' Ford?

read something

Good article about Wavy Gravy t/n Hugh Romney
founder of The Hog Farm commune. 
It tells of Charlie showing up in the black bus at the commune looking for Shirley Lake, Dianne's mother. 
Charlie as usual came with a pack of girls and
some bad vibes. The Hog Farmers managed to run
Charlie & Co. off by performing some kind of an 
"OM Circle".  On the way out they scooped up 
Dianne Lake.

I am glad to see he invested in a whole set of teeth,
even if they are rainbow

Clem performing with Bob Weir and Steve Miller

Posted by Matt Click the link to see pics of Steve "Clem" Grogan performing in 2001 with Bob Weir and Steve Miller:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoshone Caves - Outside View

Ken~ I hope the size of these photos receives your approval. I did them all by myself, like a big girl. ; )

Shoshone Caves from outside this time. These are the caves Brooks, Little Paul and Paul Crockett lived in. Thanks to our Grump for the pics. Grump- you rock!!

Shoshone Sheriff's Sub Station

Charlie to Brooks- "I want you to take this knife and go to Shoshone and kill the Sheriff". Thanks to our Grump from Pahrump for the pics. I used the little sentence he included in the e-mail here as a caption. Hope Grumpy does not mind.

Death Valley Adventures by Panamint Patty

Panamint Patty was beginning to think that somehow The Psychic Barrier had been put up between her and getting good photos for Evil Liz and y'all. On Friday and Saturday, there was a 100-year blizzard that dipped down into Death Valley from the North. Saturday and Sunday there was, of course, the brush fire on 395. Sunday night, more rain and snow so at least the fire went out. Patty kept losing things and interpreted this to be The Soul messing with her and trying to break her spirit...first an onyx earring, then a silver one that her daddy gave her in the 80's, then a black leather glove. To make matters worse, Mr. Patty drove her nearly 200 miles looking for the TJ crash site to no avail, at which point, Aunt Flo showed up and the cramps set in. Some vacation. Yesterday was better, though. Much, much better.

I give you with out comment, the sanitized NPS version of Barker Ranch, circa March, 2011. One last thing though: upon reaching Barker, Patty discovered the missing earrings underneath the passenger seat where she had already looked at least twice...oo-EE-oo!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hendrickson's book~ Still no exact date

The other day I wrote/posted Hendrickson's book was coming out April 20.  A friend from out of the country was asking me how to order Robert's stuff.  I went over to the site and came back and reported here the book would be out April 20.  
I got that info of Hendrickson's website.  One of our members Frank, let me know that date on Robert's site was April 20, 2010.  My bad.  So I took the post down (thanks Frank). Before I realized my error I sent Hendrickson an e-mail telling him I was excited about the April 20th release date.   He wrote me back and asked "Where did you get the April 20th date?"  Like I pulled it out of my ass.  I just e-mailed him back letting him know I found that info on his site.

We ALL know I write errors all the time.  It is part of my charm and over partying in the eighties and a good part of the 90's as well.
I know I am kinda burnt I guess Hendrickson is too.  Frank is not though.  Maybe I can offer Frank a non-paying proof reader job?  And Robert said "It may be released before April 20th."  I am gathering he means 2011.

Hendrickson's site

Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Pick The Caption

Add caption

Charles wearing his trademark leather thong around his neck.

spahn's movie ranch

black bus

Inside the black bus.  Some places mention the black bus with the table the hung from the ceiling looking as if it was floating in the air.  Here is a rare photo of inside the black bus.  The only person identifiable to me is Susan Atkins. 

Role Models

Charlie's mother Kathleen Maddox when she was in her 40's.
Below  ~ Kathleen and her brother "Uncle" Luther Maddox.  
I am not sure of their ages in the lower photo.
Thanks to a friend for the pics.