Thursday, March 24, 2011

read something

Good article about Wavy Gravy t/n Hugh Romney
founder of The Hog Farm commune. 
It tells of Charlie showing up in the black bus at the commune looking for Shirley Lake, Dianne's mother. 
Charlie as usual came with a pack of girls and
some bad vibes. The Hog Farmers managed to run
Charlie & Co. off by performing some kind of an 
"OM Circle".  On the way out they scooped up 
Dianne Lake.

I am glad to see he invested in a whole set of teeth,
even if they are rainbow


Ken619 said...

I wonder how many other lives this guy helped in destroying, other than Diane lake.

Matt said...

good guys

Matt said...

Wavy didn't do anything to hurt Diane or any other children. Diane's parents just happened to be at the Hog Farm for a while, then Manson dropped by.

Wavy was one of the god guys.

Panamint Patty said...

Used to see him around the Haight in my checkered youth. He used to like to say "The nineties are the sixties, standing on their head!"

Frank said...

there was a recent theatrical film on Wavy, which I missed.

Anyone catch it?

Lost Sailor said...

I hung out with him and helped him collect money for his Camp Winnarainbow camp for inner city kids at a Grateful Dead concert at Cal Expo in Sacramento in the early 90s. He's a nice guy who does a lot of good for people. There's thousands of formerly blind people in 3rd world countries that can see now due to his efforts of raising money and sending eye surgeons to their countries. I can only wish I've had that much good affect on people.