Friday, January 28, 2011

P Street

1725 P Street Sacramento Ca.  Former home of The Peoples Court of Retribution run by Lynn and Sandy located in the attic apartment.  Thanks to Mr. Parker for this picture from 2010.

The latest from Robert Hendrickson's new M book

I spoke with Robert Hendrickson today and here is some of the information on his upcoming Manson Family book in his exact words-enjoy!

"The book should be going to the printer on Monday.
The Jared Laoughner incident caused them to stop and add some relevant info about him and Manson.  The book title is being kept secret because of sites ripping off our Manson title with cheap self serving DVDs." 

"The book will be available via with a click on-
on our site.  There will also be a Pay Pal click on.  You will be able to buy the book (not cheap) and or the whole Manson collection (book + our DVD's) for a special price.
If you have already purchased our DVDs, upon request and verification, you will get a discount on the book.  Because the book is over 570 pages with over 100 photos intertwined throughout, it can take a month for the printing.  We're sure the truth will be worth the wait.  No more BS, but organic words straight from the mouths of the Family and even the Prosecutor's true thoughts on the Crime/Trial of the Century."

So, i am thinking was Jared Laoughner a fan of Charlie?

The book will be pricey like his DVDs, but he is offering a discount to former purchasers of his DVDs. 
I know people over seas could not get the DVDs, wonder if it will be the same with the book?
I am dying to know the title.

check it out at