Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Is Lynette Fromme an Anti-Heroine?

It's too hot outside this afternoon to work in my garden, and I gave my beloved Trek away on the promise of a new Trek. As a result, I'm inside reading and hanging out on Messenger. I found this awesome piece online about anti-heroines in literature and the question of whether Lynette Fromme fits that mold popped into my mind. 

I believe a revolutionary could make a case that Fromme is a real life anti-heroine. She pulled a pistol on the former center of the Michigan football team (Go Bucks!) who was employed at the time as the President of the United States. I know I brought this up before but I seriously wonder if Ford was scared for even five seconds. Men were tougher then. 

Boy, the way Glenn Miller played...

Anyway. Squeaky didn't kill anyone. And did her time. Is your hate for Lynette Fromme as strong as your hate for the killers, or do you see her in another light?