Saturday, February 28, 2015

Collector Alert: Michael Channels is selling part of his collection

Michael Channels is selling parts of his collection off for cheap! Here is a letter from 1987 that comes with a certificate of authenticity, as does everything that comes of the back porch. Michael's stuff is guaranteed for real, and trust Patty, that is important because there is a lot of fake stuff out there.

Here is a piece of fan mail from a guy in Europe that Manson wrote on. Michael is selling it for FIVE measly little dollars!! In the video he hilariously says, "Maybe it's you. You can get it back." LOL

Why is he doing this you might ask? Because he has a ton of stuff and apparently is raising funds to one day add a book he is writing to the legion of titles published on the subject. It's bound to be a good one, Patty'd venture.

Says Michael,"If you want more, tune in later. Cuz I got a pile of shit to get rid of here, and its all going, Out the door. First come, first served."

UPDATE: at the time of this publication the items you see here have mostly been sold. However, do get in touch with Michael via the contact information he has in his video to be alerted to upcoming items he is ready to part with. This is one of a kind stuff, people.