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All about the Drugs at Cielo

You are probably aware that a number of illegal drugs were found at the Tate residence, and that two of the victims tested positive for the use of drugs.  There are, however, a number of inconsistencies and anomalies with the evidence and the conclusions that were drawn from that evidence.

1)  Why didn't they test for THC/Cannibinoids and Cocaine in the bodily fluids of the victims, especially as both drugs had been found at the crime scene?

Here is what was found at the residence in the way of illegal drugs/drugs of abuse, from the 'Property Report Cielo Drive Victims':
--Bag of leafy substance(6.9 grams of marijuana, according to Bugliosi) removed from front room cabinet.

--Bag of leafy substance removed from front bedroom night stand

--(Three) - Cigarettes - hand rolled(marijuana joints?), found in kitchen (rear)

--(One) - tube containing white powder, found in blue jacket(Sebring's)

--(One) - Vial containing white powder, found in Sebring's car.

--Roach and debris, found in Sebring's car.

--Brown/gummy substance, possible narcotic, found in Sebring's car.

--Green/leafy substance resembling m.j., found in Sebring's car. (6.3 grams of marijuana, according to Bugliosi)

and from Bugliosi, pg26-27:

--30 grams of hashish, found in the nightstand in the bedroom used by Frykowski and Folger

--marijuana residue in the ashtray on the stand next to Sharon Tate's bed

--another roach(on the desk near the front door) found by Roman Polanski when he went back to the house later on Aug 17, 1969.


--(Ten) - white capsules removed from front bedroom night stand.
   (later ID'ed as the MDA)
--(Four) - brown tablets removed from front bedroom night stand.

--(One) - Container - containing 7 triangular green tablets and 1 - yellow capsule. Found in desk....

(There is no sign that the brown, green, and yellow pills were ever identified.)

--two more roaches in guest house.

--a small quantity of marijuana discovered later at the home on Summit Drive being rented by Folger/Frykowski where Witold K. was living.

The quantity of these illegal drugs found at the scene certainly suggests the residents of the house were using these drugs.  But the coroner wasn't even testing for these substances?  Doesn't make sense.  All the more so as one of the first police theories was that the murders were the result of a 'drug freakout,' and that the use of cocaine, like the amphetamines, has been linked to violence:
The symptoms include agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, violence, as well as suicidal and homicidal thinking.    ....Cocaine-related violent behaviors occur in as many as 55% of patients with cocaine-induced psychiatric symptoms. ...

A couple of possibilities come to mind:

--The people at Cielo were actually only very light users, and hadn't done enough, or done them recently, for the drugs to show up in a tox screen.
(IMO they had too much on hand to be only occasional users.  Plus Sebring wouldn't have risked carrying Cocaine in his possession unless he was doing it every day.)

--Investigators figured the presence of these drugs on scene confirmed they were using these drugs, and hence no extra toxicological tests needed.

--They found some THC in Sharon's urine/blood, and they didn't want to sully her name any further, so they left that out; and then decided they would have to leave it out of the three other autopsy reports as well to cover it up.

--They did indeed do the tests, but toxicological results came back NEGATIVE for any Marijuana/THC or Cocaine use in all four of the people from the main house. 
In other words no drugs were being consumed, and thus there was no reason to have all these drugs there at all.  This raises the possibility that the drug evidence was PLANTED. (OO-ee-OO!)  To mollify the public and to send investigators off on their wild goose chase,


2)  The results for the tox screen for all the Cielo Drive victims were completed on August 21 or later, and were all tested for MDA.  Except for Jay Sebring, whose tox screen was already completed on August 13, and was not tested for MDA.  Why was he not tested?

3)  Were Folger and Frykowski unfairly painted with a 'drug jacket?'

The police reports, the news reports of the time, and Bugliosi in his book all lay it on pretty thick:

First Homicide Investigation Report - Tate
"During April, May, June, and the first part of July, Frykowski and Folger had many impromptu parties.  ...  An open invitation policy existed at the house. Drug use was prevalent. They used hashish, marijuana, mescaline, cocaine and MDA.
(These would be all the drugs they DIDN'T test for in the tox screens (except for the MDA).

Wojiciech Frykowski...  used cocaine, mescaline, LSD, marijuana, hashish and MDA in large amounts. He was an extrovert and gave invitations to almost everyone he met to come visit him at his residence. Narcotic parties were the order of the day...     ... Folger also used these drugs in large quantities.

Helter Skelter, pg44
The police were unable to determine exactly when Folger and Frykowski began to use drugs heavily, on a regular basis,  It was learned that on their cross-country trip they had stopped in Irving, Texas, staying several days with a big dope dealer well known to local and Dallas police.  Dealers were among their regular guests both at the Woodstock house and after they moved to Cielo Drive. William Tennant told police that whenever he visited the latter residence(Cielo Dr.), Abigail "always seemed to be in a stupor from narcotics."

When her mother last talked to her, about ten that Friday night, she said Gibby had sounded lucid but a "a little high."  Mrs. Folger, who was not unaware of her daughter's problems, had contributed large amounts of money and time to the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, to help in their pioneer work in treating drug abuse.

                                          William Tennant

Thomas Michael Harrigan
Tate Case Victim ‘on a Trip’  LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22 –
Thomas Michael Harrigan said he saw Frokowsky the day before the macabre murders and the Polish √©migr√© told him he was on the fifth day of an eight day mescaline trip.  ...
Harrigan said Jay Sebring... was sitting in a chair with his head tilted to one side, “as though he were watching a movie only he could see.”   He said Miss Tate was not high and seemed unaware of the condition of Frykowsky and Sebring, “as though there was nothing out of the ordinary.”

It should be remembered, though, that most of the defamatory statements about the drug use seems to come from only two sources--Harrigan and Witold K., both of whom had legal problems and may thus have had good motive to go along with the police version of events. (Harrigan was a drug dealer and smuggler, and Witold K.'s visa had expired and he was not in the U.S. legally at the time.)

                                          Witold K.

This is the counter-narrative:

Restless Souls by Alisa Statman and Brie Tate c.2012  pg82
Jim Mitchum: "Things were pretty out of hand up there while Sharon and Roman were in Europe.

PJ Tate: "Was this crap going on up at Cielo?" I asked.
(Billy) Doyle: "Only when Gibbie and Sharon were out of town, and then only for the five-week period that Woytek had run of the house."

In other words, the heavy partying had ended after Sharon came back home in early July of '69.

PJ: "Was Woytek dealing?" I asked.
Jim Mitchum:  "Nah, man, he was the Robin Hood of dope," Jim said. "He'd get the money from Gibbie, buy the drugs, and then give them away. He only wanted to have fun."

(Billy) Doyle:  "...the rumor of Woytek being a drug dealer is ridiculous. He barely spoke English. ... he was never strung out the way they're writing about him."

PJ: Re Gibbie "...was she using?"
Doyle: "No way. This was a girl who thought it was incredibly mischievous to take a toke off someone else's joint. Perhaps she was different around others, but she didn't use drugs in my presence."

Tony Curtis, the Autobiography by Tony Curtis  c.1993  pg228
I think it's important to emphasize that she and Roman were not particularly into any drugs at all. There were no drugs, no orgies, nothing awful.  ... (Joyce)Haber and those other gossip columnists were particularly nasty about the Sharon Tate story. They took it upon themselves to suggest that drugs were the reason for the murder, which may have been true for the murderers, but certainly not for Sharon.

Roman by Roman Polanski c.1984  pg313
The press painted an astonishingly inaccurate picture of Wojtek Frykowski, describing him as "a major drug purveyor." In many ways, Wojtek was one of the squarest people I've ever known. ... The myth of Wojtek the big-time drug dealer stemmed largely from a report that he'd had dealings with known pushers. ... (Re party-crashing incident at the April party at Cielo) All three turned out to be small-time pushers, and it was this incident that gave rise to the drug connections theory
SGT McGANN(in 2009): My initial thought was the drug angle. Sharon didn’t use drugs. Abigail had done a little experimentation but not much. Jay Sebring smoked pot, but everybody in Los Angeles did at that point.

4)  Where did the MDA come from?

It is strongly implied that the MDA came from Canadian drug-dealer Thomas Harrigan

First Homicide Investigation Report - Tate, section 10:
"Harrigan made a trip to Toronto, Canada and brought back a supply of MDA and possibly other drugs via commercial airlines.  It is known that he supplied at least a portion of this MDA to Frykowski."
                                Harrigan(r.) and his attorney, Paul Caruso(l.)

But when you read the fine print, they couldn't make the connection:

From the First Homicide Investigation Report - Tate, section 10:
"It is possible that Frykowski was given this drug(MDA) by some other emissary (other than Harrigan) 2 or 3 days prior to the murder."

section 30:
"...  Harrigan and Doyle supplied Frykowski and Folger with some cocaine and mescaline and probably most all of the MDA they used. MDA is a synthetic drug manufactured in Toronto, Canada."

"It is possible..."  "... probably ..."

In other words, the investigators never did find out where that MDA came from.

I suspect that the MDA in fact came from Gibbie's shrink, Dr. Marvin Flicker.  Psychotherapists were at time experimenting with the use of the still-legal MDA for their patients:,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine
MDA began to appear on the recreational drug scene around 1963 to 1964. It was then inexpensive and readily available as a research chemical from several scientific supply houses. Several researchers, including Claudio Naranjo and Richard Yensen, have explored MDA in the field of psychotherapy.  Naranjo.. began conducting workshops at Esalen Institute as a visiting associate.

Would Gibbie, who experimented "a little," have taken an unknown hallucinogen in someone else's house, when the hostess didn't take drugs herself?  It makes more sense if the pills were supplied and recommended by her own doctor.


"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."
          --1 Peter 5:8