Monday, October 17, 2022

Barker Ranch 10-10-69 Arrests


We know most of the details about the Barker Ranch Raids but there haven’t been any documents on the specifics of the raids. The recently acquired documents will tell you who was taken into custody in which raid and what name they were arrested under. They also say what evidence was found on that day. It took weeks and even months to gather all of the evidence.

There were two raids on Barker Ranch in October 1969. The first one was October 10th. There were 13 people arrested at Barker. Another person, Kitty Lutesinger, was also arrested that day though not at Barker.

Kitty Lutesinger and Stephanie Schram left Barker Ranch, walking out, to get away from all the craziness that was taking place. The two made as far as Butte Valley before they finally happened upon two CHP officers who were on patrol. Lutesinger and Schram asked the officers for a ride. They were taken to Lone Pine where checks were run on them, they were both found to be runaways.

In addition to being a runaway Lutesinger was wanted for questioning in a 187 PC, the murder of Gary Hinman. The next day Lutesinger was released to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office.

Schram was released to her parents and suffered no charges. Documents

The raid that took place October 10th at Barker Ranch included five CHP arresting officers, four CHP witnesses, one Department of Fish and Game witness, the Inyo District Attorney's Office sent an investigator and a deputy district attorney as witnesses and not to be left out the Death Valley National Monument Park Service also sent two witnesses.

Yes, you added that up correctly, nine witnesses and five arresting officers. The Inyo County Sheriff's Office did not participate in the raid.

Some of the evidence included the Ruger .22revolver that had been stolen the previous week. It was found in a US Mail bag in the possession of Sandy Good, Ruth Ann Morehouse and Dianne VonAhn. The VW belonging to Corinne Broskett with a VIN number of 2912188 was recovered that day. In Broskett’s VW was a Bausch and Lomb spotting scope, a pricey item in those days.

A list of those arrested

Williamson is Lynette Fromme

Tufts was Steve Grogan

Schwarm was Dianne VonAhn

Reeves was Patricia Krenwinkel

Perell was Nancy Pitman

Powell was Susan Atkins

Pugh was Sandy Good


Lane was Scott Davis

Baldwin usually used the alias Madeline Cottage

Mourglea was Hugh Rocky Todd

Minette was Catherine Share

Morse was Ruth Ann Morehouse

Alexandria was Leslie Van Houten

All pictures are from Inyo County files and taken at or near the time of the raid.