Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eviliz Annual New Years Party

The second annual Eviliz New Years party was a total blast. Here is a recap for those of you who couldn't make it. Most of it is a blur to me since I was totally lit up on a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals, but I will do the best that I can.

The Grump was nice enough to be the chauffeur, borrowing RFoster's limousine so we could pick up our overseas friends at the airport in style. Into the limo we packed Fiona, Thelma or Louise I forget which one and HellzBellz who brought the best tulips and weed from Dutchland. The weed gave Patty and I a touch of anxiety but smelling the tulips chilled us out.

Lurch was the doorman to keep out the riffraff and we all giggled every time he answered the bell at the door saying "You rang?". Both Tom's were recruited for bouncers.

Ole J.C. arrived in a dune buggy he hijacked from Robert Hendrickson.

It was great to see Shak El fresh from his Occupy Movement. Last year if you recall The Colonel showed up with Nancy Pitman but this year she is mad at me, so The Colonel came stag.

The first thing everyone did was hit up the bar. St. Circumstance can whip up a mean "Charlie cosmopolitan." Lynyrd and Katie showed up fashionably late but with a keg in hand. Let me tell you, nobody can work a keg like SurfBat. No foam. No kidding.

As we nibbled on hours d'ourves brought by Max Frost and Sodium Penathol, Cease2 showed up with the best Xmas gift I received this year - besides cigarettes - a flat screen TV. Good thing Louis brought his extensive Manson DVD collection which kept us all busy until dinner was served. Hippiechick was the DJ again this year. We danced naked in the moonlight to all the Family albums that HippieKiller brought. Bing let me say, is the best dirty dancer I have ever seen/felt.

Oh, and the menu! Snooproose, Panamint Patty and A.C made us some great vegan dishes. Kill Trout brought ... well ... the trout.

Cease2 set us a lovely table which included the Charlie coffee mugs Adam bought off of ebay.
We finally go to see the front of Starship's head as we gorged ourselves on his famous homemade apple pie. Starship is a cutie and Patty and I felt a little intimidated by him. MaxFrost brought some take out from DiDi's restaurant. Cielodrivecom brought some banging hash brownies and Leary brought the LSD.

As with the pool party this past summer, a few people brought instruments and old Family members. After eating like piggies we took it outside for some music. Clem rocked out with his cock out (as usual) and was joined on mandolin by Kitty (she wasn't Shitty).

Adam G brought his "bongo broads" who jammed out with their clams out. And I as usual, played the skin flute. Everything was groovy until Sandy showed up.

I was so f*cked up by then, and you know Eviliz and Sandy Good - next thing I know she and I are both sending threatening text messages to high schools and companies who pollute the environment.

Matt the watchful eye and defender of Eviliz quickly called Suze the peace maker to ask Sandy to leave. Of course an argument ensued and Suze had to kick Sandy's ass. Thanks to Orwhut and Toocrowdedinthishouse for cleaning up the blood and Sandy's brain matter.

And of course thank you to Stacey. She brings bail money when she rolls with us but this time there were no police or arrests, unlike last year.

Candy and Nuts moonlights as a prison guard at Corcoran. Like last year she smuggled him a cell phone and we all waited anxiously for his call. By midnight I was passed out so Beauders took the call from Charlie.

Charlie and all of us here at Eviliz wish everyone a healthy, wealthy and Happy New Year. Ken has the photos and will be posting more of them soon...