Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tattoo portrait of Sharon Tate by Kat Von D

Posted by Panamint Patty Have y'all ever seen this portrait that Kat Von D did? Whose arm is it? Panamint Patty does not have any tattoos herself but can appreciate the effort and dedication that went into this. WOW!

Eyes of a Dreamer is the "rumored" film.

Marilyn Manson's mug shots

Tex Watson's mugshots

Totally not related but I had to add Jim because - he is sexy and, my cousin owns this actual mug shot. My cousin used to be a cop in New Haven, CT. Upon being transferred out of New Haven, my cousin "borrowed" the original mugshot. Jim was arrested in New Haven for starting a riot. He showed his penis, the cops tore him off the stage to take him down to the station for exposing himself. The show was cancelled mid way and, the concert goer's rioted. Marilyn Manson himself has also been arrested for waving his penis around on stage. What is this world coming to if musicians can't wave their penis around on stage?

Marilyn with Anton