Monday, March 18, 2013

Windy on Larry Bailey

Using the name Larry Jones, Larry Bailey was living at Windy's home along with Juan Flynn and Johnny Schwartz during the TLB trial.  Larry had said he was scared being around the other Family members all the time and asked if he could stay there, too.  He settled in and for all intent appeared to fit in with everyone there. Both Juan and Johnny were scheduled to testify at the TLB trial in the near future.  Windy, Juan and Johnny were soon to learn that Larry was there for another purpose.

During the day they would all go to their respective jobs.  In the evening they would go back to Windy's for the night.  I believe Juan and Larry were still working at Spahn and Johnny was working for man that sold hay.  Johnny Schwartz liked western movies and TV shows and sat in front of the TV most of the time in the evening with the thing blaring.  Juan was usually restless pacing around and doing different things.  Windy would take care of her daughter, cook and the like.

One night they heard some commotion outside and it put everyone on alert.  Then it sounded like someone was on the roof and they were trying to saw through it!  Juan jumped and got a shotgun and started firing at the ceiling, many times.  Windy said that Johnny calmly sat there watching his show while Juan was shooting up the place and said "It's getting a little western out tonight." They eventually went outside and sure enough someone had tried to saw through the roof.

Juan was the one to figure out that Larry was a Manson plant that turned out to be a snitch.  He was telling the Family members that were sympathetic to Manson where Juan and Johnny were staying and what the routine was around Windy's .  The Family hatched a plan to killed both Juan and Johnny before they could testify because they thought their testimony would hurt Manson.  Naturally, they botched the thing entirely.

Ah, but no bad deed goes unpunished.  Juan didn't let on to Larry that he knew that Larry was the snitch.  One night Juan, Johnny and Windy took Larry out for the evening or so he thought. They took him to a spot near Spahn Ranch, stripped him naked and tied him to a tree and left him there.  I'm betting that ranch hands can tie some pretty decent knots. Windy has no idea how long he was there or how he became untied but they didn't have trouble with him any more.