Friday, February 18, 2011

 I recently exchanged a few e-mails with Susanna Lo.
 Below are the question some of you wanted me to ask her. 

Q.) Did you consult with or speak to any of THE  "original Manson girls" for the film?  Or any family members/friends of the victims? 

 A.) I started to on-line, then decided against it.  First off, I'm not making a documentary or writing a non-fiction book, I'm making a narrative film with my personal vision.  Secondly, there were so many different versions to any one single event, it became difficult to tell which was the "correct" version.  Of course, all versions have their own  validity to the person it comes from, much like the Kursawa movies, Rashomon.  Ultimately, I made a choice as a writer/director, then set about on a mission to prove my choice wrong.  It was tough to dis-prove my choice, then I stuck with it as my best assessment of the events from almost 42 years ago.  Keep in mind, not only was this a long time ago, but there were a lot of drugs circulating at the time; and the people the people that were involved in these events were very very young back in the Summer of Love.  I'm sure there were some "rose colored glasses" involved to the memories.

Q.) Who specifically is funding the film?
A.)  We are funded through a combination of international
pre sale and private funders, but we're still looking for more
to have our full $5 million budget.

Q.) Have you ever met producer/director Don Murphy?
A.) No, I have not met Don Murphy.  Loved Bully and Natural Born Killers.  Happy to be introduced to him by anyone!
Hope that answers all your questions.

Aloha!  Susanna

If anyone else has any questions  for Susanna,e-mail them to me here.