Monday, January 7, 2013

Bugliosi: The Milkman and the Mistress


Eviliz now makes available for you "The Vince Bugliosi Story", a 1973 expose by George Denny. This chronicles The Bug's harassment of his former milkman and his family as VB felt that said milkman might have been the father of his child. It goes on to document his alleged assault and battery on his mistress - supposedly because she refused to get an abortion.

or DOWNLOAD 147pg PDF HERE (about 23 mb)

Disclaimer: I parked this file on a free FTP server. It allows 1GB free downloads per month, so it will cut us off after that bandwidth has been used up. If it runs out you'll have to wait until next month. If your email allows files that large I can email it to you on request.