Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cielo Drive

Across the valley from the former 10050 Cielo estate is the former estate of Rudolph Valentino. 
This spot affords a beautiful view of Cielo Drive

The Valentino house

We were joined by two lovely young ladies (Lyle & Rebecca on the left) who are film makers.
Their current project is Claire Vaye Watkins' "Battleborn." 
ColScott paints a picture of the scene we are about to experience at Cielo Dr.
On the right is Max Frost - a friend of the blog who is very knowledgeable about all things Manson. He drove our "Black Bus" - no left turn unstoned.


In the center is the monstrosity of a building that now occupies 
the location of the Tate house as seen from the Valentino estate.
Miss Patty

 The base of Cielo Drive

Where Billy Garrettson stopped earlier the night of August 9, 1969

 Almost (but not quite) tresspassing!
Moments later a lady with an ugly rear-end chastised us.

My iPhone stuck over the gate...

 Liz at current Tate house gate

"Tex's pole"

As requested, this is the current house. 
It totally doesn't fit into the landscape. Hideous if you ask me...

A new foundation was being cleared while we were there for a fifth house on the hillside.