Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is HIPPIE SCHOLAR aka: Savage, JimNY, MonkeyBoy, RoleModelForDummies plus others.

To get a better idea of who you are dealing with, The link is about Hippie Scholar and something special he did

This guy is on a thread at LSB at this very moment. First he states George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are responsible for TLB and then does a 180* and says Tex planned Nader's murder because he was jealous that he banged Linda.

I didn't really know what a FREAK this guy was until now. Well.... I knew he was an idiot, but not a FREAKING idiot.

Long Horn Saloon

Spahn Movie Ranch in front of
the Long Horn Saloon.

My bad I forgot  to write down what movie was being filmed
and where I found it.
I have a piece of one of the frosted glass windows!