Monday, January 12, 2015

John Lennon: Creative Ziggy Stardust and SADIE GLUTZ

Sent by blog reader "Chris from the UK"...

I often read the manson blog but have never posted.

I thought I'd send you this link in case you wanted to put it on the site.

It's one of John Lennon's last interviews and it has quite an interesting Manson connection.

At 36.00, John talks about how the response to the Plastic Ono Band album would have been different if it had been released under a pseudonym. One pseudonym he mentions is "Creative Ziggy Stardust and SADIE GLUTZ".

That's right, SADIE GLUTZ.

I assume that John had read a lot about the Manson family members and that name had stuck with him. I cannot see how that would just be a coincidence as it's such an odd name to use.