Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Another pic from June 2011

Corcoran, California (CNN) -- Notorious killer Charles Manson, 77, was denied parole Wednesday after a California parole panel "could find nothing good as far as suitability" for his being paroled, a commissioner said.

Manson didn't show up for his parole hearing, which was held at a state prison in Corcoran, California, where he is serving a life sentence.

Manson's next parole hearing was scheduled for 15 years from now, meaning he could die in prison.


HellzBellz & I came up with the same thought nearly simultaneously.
Could the girl in the "Get on Home" video be Didi Lansbury?
What do you think?

Didi Lansbury on right

Is this Didi on the left? 
The Girl is only in the video for a few seconds 
and she doesn't open her eyes, unfortunately.


HellzBellz & I have exchanged a few emails over the months speculating about the girl in the striped robe. HB mentioned that the robe looks expensive and we speculated that it could have been fashionable at the time. A few moments ago, HB wrote to me the following and provided these photos. Interesting stuff:

I think...the dates are fitting...It can be DeeDee. I also think the striped robe was an expensive fashion thing.....Sharon Tate wore it, Jim Morisson's wife Pamela Courson wore it...She had a boutique for hippie clothes and things....And Angela Lansburry was a TV star...They all knew each other...I think Sharon and DeeDee Bought the Robe in the Boutique of Pamela Courson in LA.

Pamela Courson in the striped robe

Sharon in the striped robe