Monday, April 4, 2011

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Great T-Shirts, including Charlie Don't Surf!

Spahn Ranch t-shirt

After looking at the Manson stuff for sale Jono, one of our members and I were talking about how some of the shirts are cheesy and cartoony on some of the link sites.  If you could design a Manson & Family related t-shirt, what would you choose?

Got any good stuff???

I asked in an earlier post if anybody has any artwork or crafty stuff from any Family members they wanted to share. This also goes for anything M related you would care to share.
Now haters and shitbox people -( i know they lurk I can smell their cat piss breath)- don't go running around saying "eviliz has run out of stuff to post and is resorting to peoples M collections." I love knowing what everyone else has, and I bet alot of other folks do as well!

This is what I own all from Spahn-
a piece of the barbed wire that was the property divider between Spahn and Retz ranches. An old rusty soda can complete with a bullet hole through it. one piece of frosted glass that came from the saloon (i believe) the only building with frosted glass windows. a few nails, a piece of dinnerware and a buckle most likely used on the saddles. OH almost forgot -one piece of the "Charlie's rock". All sent to me by my wonderful blog friends out in Cali. I am sure if I forgot anything someone will let me know.

I also have the "Charlie Don't Surf" shirt recently autographed by Marilyn Manson. Another Charlie shirt, with just his face (not the one you see all the time) and yes I wear them. Well, not the signed one- that is retired hanging in my closet. And a "remember kids charlie loves you" wallet, a "free Manson" bumper sticker and a charlie pin. And one letter from Red. Maybe some day I will get around to posting pics.

Are they sure this time?

Thanks to our good friend Stacey for the heads up.
Lindsay Lohan may have a new role, playing Sharon Tate in an upcoming film about Charles Manson and the infamous Manson family murders.
Lohan’s new venture is set to be directed by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, who is rumored to be playing Manson, according to Brad Wyman will be producing the film.
This could be a possible comeback for the troubled actress who has suffered a career lull in recent years, along with rehab and a whole lot of trouble with the law.
Sharon Tate was a well-known actress in the ’60s, probably best known for her starring role in the controversial film Valley of the Dolls, a role that later earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Tate married director Roman Polanski one year before she was murdered on August 9, 1969 by Manson’s gang in Beverly Hills, while she was eight months pregnant.

The film is rumored to be titled "Eyes of a Dreamer" a song written by Charles Manson.

Eyes of a Dreamer by Charles Manson

It's all in the eyes of the dreamer
It's all in the eyes of the man
All the things that we've done in life
And all the things that we've planned

Can the world be sad as it seems
Where are man's hopes
Where are man's dreams
Oh, the eyes of the dreamer
In the eyes of the man

All the songs have been sung
And all the saints have been hung
The wars and cries have been wailed
And all the people have been ailed

The world it's yours my friend
It's yours to begin or end
Oh the eyes of the dreamer
In the eyes of the man
Take nothing from nothing brother
And it's all just the same.

For the loser is the winner 
And there ain't no blame
Its just the end of the game 

The moment is ever constant in the mind
Everywhere I look the blind leads the blind 
Here's your chance to step out of line 
There ain't no reason and there ain't no ryme
For the trouble you bring is the trouble you bring
And a thing is a thing just a thing

Its all in the eyes of the dreamer 
Its all in the eyes of the man 
All the things that you've done in life
And all the things that you plan 
Is the world as sad as it seems 
Where are your hopes 
Where are your dreams 
In the eyes of the dreamer 
All in the eyes of the man 
And you are the man