Monday, April 4, 2011

Are they sure this time?

Thanks to our good friend Stacey for the heads up.
Lindsay Lohan may have a new role, playing Sharon Tate in an upcoming film about Charles Manson and the infamous Manson family murders.
Lohan’s new venture is set to be directed by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, who is rumored to be playing Manson, according to Brad Wyman will be producing the film.
This could be a possible comeback for the troubled actress who has suffered a career lull in recent years, along with rehab and a whole lot of trouble with the law.
Sharon Tate was a well-known actress in the ’60s, probably best known for her starring role in the controversial film Valley of the Dolls, a role that later earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Tate married director Roman Polanski one year before she was murdered on August 9, 1969 by Manson’s gang in Beverly Hills, while she was eight months pregnant.

The film is rumored to be titled "Eyes of a Dreamer" a song written by Charles Manson.

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