Monday, April 4, 2011

Eyes of a Dreamer by Charles Manson

It's all in the eyes of the dreamer
It's all in the eyes of the man
All the things that we've done in life
And all the things that we've planned

Can the world be sad as it seems
Where are man's hopes
Where are man's dreams
Oh, the eyes of the dreamer
In the eyes of the man

All the songs have been sung
And all the saints have been hung
The wars and cries have been wailed
And all the people have been ailed

The world it's yours my friend
It's yours to begin or end
Oh the eyes of the dreamer
In the eyes of the man
Take nothing from nothing brother
And it's all just the same.

For the loser is the winner 
And there ain't no blame
Its just the end of the game 

The moment is ever constant in the mind
Everywhere I look the blind leads the blind 
Here's your chance to step out of line 
There ain't no reason and there ain't no ryme
For the trouble you bring is the trouble you bring
And a thing is a thing just a thing

Its all in the eyes of the dreamer 
Its all in the eyes of the man 
All the things that you've done in life
And all the things that you plan 
Is the world as sad as it seems 
Where are your hopes 
Where are your dreams 
In the eyes of the dreamer 
All in the eyes of the man 
And you are the man


St. Circumstance said...

You know -

I never bought him as a genius, or a mind control expert in any way. He is way over- rated as a serial killer, and the " Most dangerous man alive" stuff is a joke as well. For all his rants, and his rambling interviews...

The only time I ever here anything sincere in any way from the old goat is in his lyrics...

There was something to them at times

eviliz said...

glad to see you back My Saint and only MINE!

St. Circumstance said...

:) lol always have my eye on you ;)

Matt- Went to opening day Marlins/Mets down here- thought of you

Bobby and Phil are in town on Wed!!

Speaking of guys from the 60's with some lyrics lol...

MrPoirot said...

[quote]For the loser is the winner
And there ain't no blame
Its just the end of the game[end quote]

This verse is all Scientology; loser, winner, and game are Scientology terms. Charlie's songs all have a bit of Scientology in them. I wonder Melcher saw this and didn't touch Charlie's music because of it?

Matt said...

That makes 3 people I knew at that game. LETS GO METS!

fiona1933 said...

I really like some of Paul and Brook's music on the Hendrickson film. Does anyone know the name of the one that begins: "Have you ever wondered, what you're looking for..." and there's another when the girls are sewing, about being "such a young girl". They are haunting. Is there a way to upload them?
I love the flute playing especially. There's just something so late-sixties about it. I was only a brand new baby then but I still feel it.

There's a look people don't have now, as well. A kind of lean, pared-down look. The Manson kids have something of this look too, although not so skinny as the kids of England. No diets or workouts produce this look. I think one thing may be the more individual appearance. Each Manson girl is radically different, even while they share the same expression. I reckon this thing of straightening everyone's teeth is making all faces alike. The facial muscles are forming the same way. Even the rich kids of Hong Kong look like this, their faces forming round the same teeth and pulled the same from speaking English (Chinese is spoken in the throat and uses nearly no facial muscles)