Thursday, December 22, 2011

A message from Eviliz

Another day another asshole.
One of the researchers here Shawn thought it would be funny for some unknown reason to turn on us. He started his own web site dedicated to hating myself and my administrators because he does not like what we do here. All of a sudden.
He finds it funny that he had my e-mail accounts hacked. Why? So he could copy and paste my sent e-mails, edit them to his likings and re-post them on his site. Which is a total "ShittyKitty" move and Shawn knows it. Then he says that I have to much time on my hands.
Along with some picture of myself I shared with him over the years, he found it amusing to also post Patty, Ken, myself and Matt's personal information, work and home addresses plus phone numbers. That scared off Patty and Ken since they are upstanding citizens with stuff to protect. Matt and I are hard core.
I mean, how are you going to tell me what I do is wrong, then turn around and do the same thing hypocrite? Shawn writes on his blog that all Eviliz does is sit in her bedroom in her pajamas, doing drugs, living off state aid while stalking the Manson Family.
Sounds like someone is jealous to me. The ironic part is, Shawn provided me with abut 40% of my findings. Pictures and all the personal information on ex Family members. He was working on finding Mother Mary for us next but I guess that won't happen now. Losses cut.
The funniest thing I read over at Shawn's was something like -Eviliz disguises herself as a male rapper on FaceBook and tricks ex Family members to be her friend so she can steal their pictures."
Best of luck to you Shawn as you take on the title of--- drum roll ---
"Protector of the Manson Family".
Charlie's speed old friend. I myself am off to smoke some crack and lay down a new rap track to post on my FB. It is after all- the best Family lure.
And NO I can't post the link!