Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eviliz's Xmas Wish List

If you were wondering what to buy Eviliz this year for Xmas and have 50 grand to blow get me this:
As I recall this is the real deal folks.  I don't remember off hand the history of the signed album but do recall it is genuine.

Thanks to Lee Lee for the tip.

Charles Manson sings to his favorite girl!

In my opinion, Manson did have a favorite girl, and that girl was, of course, Miss Lynette Fromme aka Squeaky aka Red. Here is a song he wrote/sang for her called "Walking Through Forever (Ode to Red)" Could there be any hidden meanings or messages in this song? Well, you be the judge. Here is a clip, along with the lyrics:

Charles Manson - Walking Through Forever (Ode to Red)
I know that you are doing well
I’m glad to see that you got out of the hole
I hear through a gig that you got
Ways of getting vegetables and food
Where you’re at
Everybody here seems to be stuck on flesh
Flesh eaters
So, I don’t know whether I’ll be able
To get this tape to you
But I’m just sitting here thinking about you all, anyway
Cause, there ain’t nothing else to do
And anywhere I go, I know I’m you
And I keep turning back and forwards into myself
And every day I keep on growing
And my love for you I keep on saying
I know your love for me will keep on weighing
Judgment of a judgment of a judgment
That you thought was up above
You remember that line, Love?
I was walking in the darkness
I was dreaming in my night
Up on the highway with the Kings
And down through the fight
I was in the icepick’s corners
And all those places you could see
In your mind
From war’s door, I’ve always been
Mastermind’s what I’m thinking of
Down through one’s are the sum of none’s
That keep my words up on the wall
And I keep on walking in my forever
And I keep living in my dreams
I see you, Red
Oh, Red, how you doing, Red?
You better not get too fat, girl
I know you gave up a little bit
And you kind of ate a little bit too much
But I was Blue’s fool
Lone bees jumping on school’s rule books
Like, how you doing, kid?
You know they kept it where they kept it hid
I keep on with my forevers in my forever’s dream
And in knowing one’s all is always in the one it seems
Back through my eye’s forever
Broken, laying there on the floor
Son was wishing for wishing wells
And wishing wells were silver, too
The silver wells of something that smells
That fell down to Hell with you
And you keep on walking in my forever
And living in my dreams
Let me take mine back and give it to you
My, my word is only my word
And my word has always been true to you