Sunday, November 20, 2011

He IS perfect for Sandy

Mason posing at the site of Rockwell's 1967 murder

James Mason is maybe as close as anyone could get to being a genuine lifelong Nazi. Having started out as a teenage supporter of Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater and George Wallace, in 1966 his life changed forever when he was loaned a book about extremist politics (Extremism USA) and liked what he read there about the Nazis. At the age of only 14 he joined the miniscule American Nazi Party (ANP). Sometime after that, still aged only 16, he ran away from his home in Ohio to join the ANP headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. There he lived for a number of years, working alongside the Ku Klux Klan to organize attacks on leftists and civil rights and anti-war protesters as well as helping with the general running of America's main (albeit tiny) Fascist party. He was admitted into full membership of the party on his eighteenth birthday. Here it was too that he was introduced to the ideas of one of his great heroes, George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder and leader of the ANP who had defiantly spurned bourgeois opinion by openly embracing Nazism and the Swastika (thus, in Rockwell's words crossing "the threshold of anger"). Shortly after renaming the party the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) and adopting the slogan 'White Power', Rockwell was killed by a fellow Nazi in 1967 and the ANP was taken over by Matt Koehl, after which it splintered into a number of groups amidst of the usual welter of denunciations, accusations and counter-accusations familiar to any student of the extreme right.


One more site-

Order of the Rainbow-Calling Candy and Nuts

Well my friends, I tried my hardest to find some info something, anything about "The Oder of the Rainbow."

I could not find anything.

Candy and Nuts one of our members here does know a lot about the girls especially Red and Blue. Maybe she will be nice and write something up for us to learn more about it. I will be posting some info on "The International People's Court of Retribution."