Sunday, November 20, 2011

Order of the Rainbow-Calling Candy and Nuts

Well my friends, I tried my hardest to find some info something, anything about "The Oder of the Rainbow."

I could not find anything.

Candy and Nuts one of our members here does know a lot about the girls especially Red and Blue. Maybe she will be nice and write something up for us to learn more about it. I will be posting some info on "The International People's Court of Retribution."


Anonymous said...

The order of the rainbow goes like this:


starship said...

What? No flesh tone? ultra-violet? Magenta?

This order certainly should strive to be more inclusive.

candy and nuts said...

I like everyone else heard about the Order of the Rainbow nuness when coming across articles about Lyn Fromme and all the books etc written with tiny references to Nuness. During the brief correspondance I had with Lyn in mid 1990 I had asked her about the Order of the Rainow colors. She basically answered me in one sentence "The Colors were already set in 1970 or 69. There are seven of them". So obviously we know RED is LYN Sandra is BLUE Violet is SAdie Yellow is KATIE Green IS Leslie and from a picture signed by MAnson of the bald girls he calls Brenda GOLD and Cappy SILVER-kitty being called KAT LADY in this pic and BLUe called BLue Queen of "Cristals". Blue also meaning like BLue sky protect the sky ,REd protect the Redwoods trees (ATWA). Other then this Red never told me more about it, and I never pried. I had also asked her about the haircutting with the tail in July 1969, she replied it was done around the fire by the girls-and if she could put it into words she would. I kow I read that Red had sent the NUness concept to Sadie Leslie and KAtie who didnt want any part of it-however I also read that during Reds trial~ hoping Family members would be called to testify ~that Blue wanted to know what color each member wanted their robes to be so she could start sewing right away (Bravin's Book). Wish I could tell you more-like why Mary had no color we know of or because she was called MOTHER MAry instead holding a different position-same with GYpsy? Thes rest about ATWA IPCR has all been written about I guess, this is about best I can add without making my own conclusions

candy and nuts said...

SEarching over all my materials I ran across this( sorry I spaced it out) this is from an old book I bought years ago called "Love Letters from a secret disciple" on page 113 CM writes girl called Locha ( Beatrice) and includes info on the colors here :(these are M spellings)

Brenda1.Gold af Sun queen of Gold planet Leo lessley2.Green of the moon emerold caven queen of green Lyn3 Red As Scarelt MArs iron amethyst aries Q of red Sandie 4Blue saturn onyx capricorn queen of sky blue sue5violet mercury jasper virgo q of violet katy 6 yellow venus diamon libra Babas light 7 queen of light Q of east North south & athers PPS to them.

there is more here if needed I can scan and send to liz if she doesnt have this book-note sue is Sadie Im sure not country sue bartell- chekc this book out I bought it years ago like 25 yrs ago I dont know if you can find it anywhere maybe ebay:X

candy and nuts said...

additional info on the colors can be found in the book Love Letters to a secret disciple page 113 I can type it up or scan it and mail to liz but it goes more in depth

candy and nuts said...

From the book Love Letters to a Secret disciple:

info about the colors

Patty is Dead said...

sorry for the post delay candy, you got spammed. Damned Blooger (sic)!

Unknown said...

thanks Candy for that.