Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Manson Girls " movie to begin filming February 2011

Manson Girls Movie 

Did Nancy do any consulting?  The movie seems to be based on her life.


Susanna Lo is taking over the writing and directing of the long-talked-about Manson Girls movie.
Beginning in February 2011, acclaimed filmmaker Susanna Lo (Black & White: A Love Story) is the new director of the weird, once-starring-Lindsay-Lohan movie about the women of the Manson Family aptly entitled The Manson Girls, taking over from Matthew Bright.

Here's the synopsis:
Manson Girls follows a young girl from a wealthy Malibu family who fell under Manson's spell. She was not one the "Family" members involved in the clan's infamous murder spree but was later imprisoned after she became involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and was convicted of being an accessory (after the fact) to murder.
Thora plays Sandra Good, a Manson girl who did not partake in the murders because she was in jail for credit card fraud. Heather will play Sadie Atkins, who participated in all of the murders Manson led his group to. Erin will play Summer Sunshine, who is not a known person in real life, which could indicate she is the protagonist.
ok i did not know what a "protagonist" was so I looked it up.
It is defined as the main character in a story.

 Quote from Susanna Lo
 I decided I wanted to tell the story of eight of the girls, from their teenage years through to the minute before the Tate/LaBianca murders. Manson Girls is a movie about how neglect, rejection and abuse can transcend into hopelessness, despondence and ultimately, violence.  Just to be clear, this is not a story about Charles Manson.  It is the story of eight of the girls, told from their prospective, before the Tate/LaBianca murders take place.  And I never show Charlie Manson's face in the film.

Here is the line up as of Dec 1, 2010.  There is no mention of Nancy Pitman in the line up.  And two new M girls who I and, I'm sure you -have never heard of.   Weird.    So far the line up has changed once.  What I posted is the latest.

Thora Birch as   Sandra Good  

Monica Keena as  Squeaky

Laura Harring as  Alice Rainer  <~~~ who????
Googled Laura, she is like 45, who is Alice Rainer? Is she not a real character like Summer Sunshine mentioned above???? 

Estella Warren  as Gypsy

Heather Matarazzo  as Sadie

Brit Morgan   as Katie

Stella Maeve  as Linda

Patti D'Arbanville as Jean Cooper   <~~ again who?
I google Patti because the name was familiar.  This woman appears to be like 50 or older,who the hell is Jean Cooper?  Another Summer Sunshine fake?

Jennifer Landon as Mary

Chad Faust as Tex

Michael Monks as Danny DeCarlo

I don't know about this one.  Are there not enough Manson girls to go around that they needs to make up at least one  maybe three new characters?  That part totally confuses me. What about Nancy? Is Nancy "Summer Sunshine" then? 
Where are Cappy and Kitty and Stephanie?  No Bobby?  And as we have read no Charlie.  Bizarre.  I can't even begin to think about how this is going to play out.

I do know that someone is not going to be happy over all this new movie business.