Saturday, August 31, 2013

Willett Distillery on NBC


The new book “Kentucky Bourbon Country: The Essential Travel Guide,” by Louisville writer Susan Reigler and photographer Pam Spaulding, helps travelers navigate their options. Several small distillery “high points are within striking distance of Louisville,” according to Reigler.

If you only have time to go to one, Willet (in Bardstown) is your best bet. It's so beautiful ... on a hilltop, looking over lovely wooded countryside. You get to talk to someone whose relatives started the distillery. The people involved directly with making the bourbon are the people leading you on the tour. It's very personalized.”

Above: Willett Distillery owner Drew Kulsveen leads a tour in 2012. Kulsveen is James Willett's nephew by his sister Martha.

James was, of course, murdered by Manson Family associates in 1972. An Eviliz reader claimed that James' sister (possibly named Alice?) spent time in protective custody after her brother's death: see here for details.

Also, see here for the Patty's review of Willett Pot Still Reserve from September, 2011.

Sharon's Set Free

Here's one I've never seen before.
Just curious, at 2:25 is that dog Prudence or Saperstein?


Update from someone in the know:
That's Saperstein - the footage is from the Patty Duke house on Summit Ridge. 
The man without a shirt is Hatami, the woman is his girlfriend.