Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tex is Headed to The Best City on Earth!!




My Transfer Down South…


I’ve been at Mule Creek for over twenty-four years, so it’s time to move. I have a peace from the Lord about it, and I look forward to the change. Previously, I was at California Men’s Colony for twenty-one years. So now, I’ve been approved for transfer to R. J. Donovan, San Diego.
Through the prison grapevine, I’ve heard the ministry there is excellent with volunteer support from the local body of Christ. I look forward to exhorting the saints, receiving encouragement from them and being part of their outreach to the lost. I believe God has a plan and purpose for me there. I could have moved already or still waiting to go when this is published, Regardless, I’m excited to be closer to those I know in the San Diego area. I’d love to hear how this site is a blessing to you.
“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” 
  (From October 2017 Monthly View on Tex Watson Website Abounding love Ministries)

So, Good Ole Tex is getting a better address.  It just so happens that San Diego is my favorite place in the whole world. So, even though I am sure Tex will get no closer to any of them than a sniff in the air, I decided to celebrate the fact that Tex will die in Jail ( barring another move) there by listing my 5 Top places that Tex will never see. Here is a, very fast, little mini St. Circumstance review of some great places if you ever have time to wander just a couple of hours South of the TLB locations to the best City on Earth, and have never been there before...

1. Mission Beach- Belmont Park 

Go on a Friday night. Just follow Mission Blvd all the way to the water. The  Roller coaster will be on your left and you can get a really killer gyro at a little place at the strip mall on the corner. Boot camp gets out each week, and all of the sailors flock to the intersection. Add in the street hustlers, performance and street artists, locals, and homeless bums- and it makes for a real carnival like atmosphere every night at sunset. Then you can go buy a Coors-light at the grocery store and walk up the walkway the mile and half or so to Pacific Beach and hit the bars. A truly amazing walk. The Ocean on your left, little summer rentals bustling with parties on your right, and mountains and stars on the horizon. Its my first stop every time life, or work, takes me to San Diego....

2. Gaslamp District

This is a good way to spend a Saturday night. This is a little neighborhood of "sort-of upscale" Restaurants and bars. I may be a little yuppyish from some in this community. But if you can put on a nice shirt and wear shoes and belt that match- you can catch a great buzz here and have an amazing chance to meet someone to share a drink and laugh with ;)

Around the corner, in walking distance, is a little outdoor shopping mall called Horton Plaza. It is a cool little breezy walk-around shopping area and movies, but more importantly, there is a little courtyard out in front with a trolley stop where you can by weed if you don't have a California medical license. ( unless they finally made it legal out there?)

3. Seaport Village

 Waterfront shops, snacks, tours. It also has a great view of all the Sail boats and marinas if your into the Americas Cup type of thing. There are several quiet ares with picnic tables where you can chill out, smoke a dube and drink some Coors-lights while the boats serenely sail by...

4. Coronado Bridge, and Island

 You really should take the Coronado Bridge over to the Island. You can sit outside at a little bar and have mimosas and omlets with a view of the entire City to gaze at. Huge Navy ships, and crafty little sailboats all fill the bay with color and life. When I was a college puke, we used to get a 12- pack and sneak onto the grounds of the Hotel Del Coronado and watch he rich people mingle and dance at the outdoor ballroom over looking the Ocean. As a hotel and Restaurant Management major, I used to dream of working at a place like that lol. Can you imagine. I never thought someday I would be one of the people out on that courtyard as a guest. My own dreams were once that limited...

5. Old Town

Great little place to get the flavor of Mexico without having to actually cross the border and deal with the hassles of Tijuana. Excellent place for authentic food and drink. Also very cool area to walk around and check out vintage trinkets and clothing. A little out of the way of the beaten path- but aren't the really cool places usually worth a little effort anyway?

As one Saint who Tex Watson will never be exhorting to do anything, I can tell you I wish the tax payers didn't have to spend one nickel sending Tex to a city that I love so much. I do get some solace knowing her will never get to smile or spend one second enjoying any of the wonders this City has to offer. As for the rest of you. I could go on all day about the places in San Diego that make it such a vibrant and unique town, but this is a list of my favorite personal stops. I would love to hear some of your own....

Otherwise, that is the update for today friends. Happy Fall.

                                                          - Your Favorite Saint