Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Jay Sebring:

Almost Famous?

Part 1 

(Two TV Guides and counting...)

Gotta love them TV Guides!
I have a special friend. Why is he special? Because he not only collects TV Guides...he actually reads them. All of them - and there are many.
My special friend recently mentioned (he has a unique way of mentioning these things causally, after the fact) that he read some article about Jay Sebring in one of his many TV Guides.
Naturally, I mildly flipped out on him - I asked him repeatedly why he didn't bring this to my attention at the time he discovered it.

Well, I probably only asked him once - but that's all it took...

I got an email from him last night at 4:30 a.m. -- he had stayed up all night digging through his collection; trying to find the golden ticket.

He found it!

Here's the extent of his email:

"Went through '64 to early '67 to find this, from TV Guide May 13-19, 1967
Enjoy.... "


A couple years ago the same friend forwarded me another Sebring/TV Guide thing - from 12-06-66.

Look at the lower right corner. Jack Lalanne - the fitness guy.

This is from an L.A. issue. Jack Lalanne had a local show for a short period of time.