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Mulholland Drive Jane Doe #59 Identified

Jane Doe #59 found Nov. 16, 1969 in LA County on Mulholland Drive has finally been identified. ... d-38700800

Los Angeles police have identified the body of a woman found stabbed 150 times in 1969 near the site of the Manson family killings as a 19-year-old from Montreal, People magazine reported Wednesday.

Police have identified the woman as Reet Jurvetson, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal the year she was killed, according to People.

Los Angeles police Detective Luis Rivera told the magazine that investigators can't rule out that the Manson family was involved in the killing. He said the best lead police have is a man known as "John," whom Jurvetson met in Toronto before flying to Los Angeles to see him the summer of 1969.

Jurvetson's body was found Nov. 16, 1969, by a birdwatcher in dense brush off the iconic Mulholland Drive. She had been stabbed 150 times and didn't have identification.

"It was personal," Rivera told People. "It was a maniac ... or love gone wrong."

After going unidentified for years, Jurvetson eventually became known Jane Doe No. 59. The location and timing of her killing, just a few miles away from several Manson family murders, has long fueled speculation that Jurvetson's case was connected.

Police are working to solve the murder, with Rivera saying, "No one deserves what happened to her."

"It's our job to find out who's responsible and bring them to justice," he said.

Police said they used DNA to identify Jurvetson after her sister recognized a photo posted of the young woman's body online.

The sister, Anne Jurvetson, told People that the "free-spirited and happy" teen went to Los Angeles after meeting and becoming smitten with "John."

Anne Jurvetson said her sister sent her family a postcard saying she had found an apartment and was happy but that they never heard from her again after that. Her parents never reported her missing because "they thought that she was just living her life somewhere," Anne Jurvetson said.

Eventually, she said she came to realize that her sister was probably dead.

"It is such a sad, helpless kind of feeling to always question, to never know," she said. "After all these years, we are faced with hard facts. My little sister was savagely killed."

Manson became notorious in 1969 as the leader of a "family" of young killers that terrified Los Angeles. Manson was convicted of killing seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski.

The Manson Family has long been suspected of being responsible for her murder. That does not seem to be the case as they have another man in their sites for having committed this brutal "overkill" murder. The victim was stabbed about 150 times.

The information from The Doe Network which has yet to be updated-

Artistic rendering and sketches of the victim (Barbara Martin); Victim's jewelry and clothing

Unidentified Female
◾Date of Discovery: November 16, 1969
◾Location of Discovery: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
◾Estimated Date of Death: November 14, 1969
◾State of Remains: Recognizable face
◾Cause of Death: Homicide by stabbing

Physical Description
** Listed information is approximate

◾Estimated Age: 20-23 years old
◾Race: White
◾Gender: Female
◾Height: 5'8" to 5'10"
◾Weight: 110-115 lbs.
◾Hair Color: Dark brown, tinted.
◾Eye Color: Green

◾Distinguishing Marks/Features: Vaccination scars on her left arm and outer left thigh. A one-quarter-inch horizontal scar underneath her right breast. A light brown birthmark on her right buttock.

◾Dentals: Available. She had 16 silver amalgam fillings in upper teeth #2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, and 15; and lower teeth #18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30 and 31.
◾Fingerprints: Available.
◾DNA: Available at the state lab.

Clothing & Personal Items
◾Clothing: Blue corduroy jacket (size 9-10; made in Canada), blue Levi hip-hugger jeans (made in Boston, MA), tan knee-length riding boots (possibly made in Spain) that were well-worn and re-soled, tan long sleeved sweater with perpindicular ribbing (size 32), and a 2" wide leather belt (Thom 38 or Tham 38, with one-inch leather strips which go through a brass ring.

◾Jewelry: Yellow metal ring with a red oval stone worn on the right ring finger. A white metal ring with Indian designs worn on the left middle finger, made in Mexico.

◾Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Case History

A hiker found the victim's body down an embankment on Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive near Laurel Canyon. She had been stabbed over 100 times, indicating overkill.

A witness remembered seeing the girl with the Manson Family at Spahn and thought her name was "Sherry." Because of the labels in her clothing, detectives suspect she may have come from Canada or the east coast, possibly Europe.

Investigating Agency(s)
If you have any information about this case please contact;

◾Agency Name: Los Angeles Police Department
◾Agency Contact Person: Cold Case Homicide Unit
◾Agency Phone Number: 213-847-0970

◾Agency Name: Los Angeles County Coroner's Office
◾Agency Contact Person: Daniel Machian
◾Agency Phone Number: 323-343-0512

◾Agency Case Number: ME: 1969-12644; LE: 69-668-376; Jane Doe No. 59
◾NCIC Case Number: U393785300
◾NamUs Case Number: UP #2997

Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.