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Mulholland Drive Jane Doe #59 Identified

Jane Doe #59 found Nov. 16, 1969 in LA County on Mulholland Drive has finally been identified. ... d-38700800

Los Angeles police have identified the body of a woman found stabbed 150 times in 1969 near the site of the Manson family killings as a 19-year-old from Montreal, People magazine reported Wednesday.

Police have identified the woman as Reet Jurvetson, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal the year she was killed, according to People.

Los Angeles police Detective Luis Rivera told the magazine that investigators can't rule out that the Manson family was involved in the killing. He said the best lead police have is a man known as "John," whom Jurvetson met in Toronto before flying to Los Angeles to see him the summer of 1969.

Jurvetson's body was found Nov. 16, 1969, by a birdwatcher in dense brush off the iconic Mulholland Drive. She had been stabbed 150 times and didn't have identification.

"It was personal," Rivera told People. "It was a maniac ... or love gone wrong."

After going unidentified for years, Jurvetson eventually became known Jane Doe No. 59. The location and timing of her killing, just a few miles away from several Manson family murders, has long fueled speculation that Jurvetson's case was connected.

Police are working to solve the murder, with Rivera saying, "No one deserves what happened to her."

"It's our job to find out who's responsible and bring them to justice," he said.

Police said they used DNA to identify Jurvetson after her sister recognized a photo posted of the young woman's body online.

The sister, Anne Jurvetson, told People that the "free-spirited and happy" teen went to Los Angeles after meeting and becoming smitten with "John."

Anne Jurvetson said her sister sent her family a postcard saying she had found an apartment and was happy but that they never heard from her again after that. Her parents never reported her missing because "they thought that she was just living her life somewhere," Anne Jurvetson said.

Eventually, she said she came to realize that her sister was probably dead.

"It is such a sad, helpless kind of feeling to always question, to never know," she said. "After all these years, we are faced with hard facts. My little sister was savagely killed."

Manson became notorious in 1969 as the leader of a "family" of young killers that terrified Los Angeles. Manson was convicted of killing seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski.

The Manson Family has long been suspected of being responsible for her murder. That does not seem to be the case as they have another man in their sites for having committed this brutal "overkill" murder. The victim was stabbed about 150 times.

The information from The Doe Network which has yet to be updated-

Artistic rendering and sketches of the victim (Barbara Martin); Victim's jewelry and clothing

Unidentified Female
◾Date of Discovery: November 16, 1969
◾Location of Discovery: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
◾Estimated Date of Death: November 14, 1969
◾State of Remains: Recognizable face
◾Cause of Death: Homicide by stabbing

Physical Description
** Listed information is approximate

◾Estimated Age: 20-23 years old
◾Race: White
◾Gender: Female
◾Height: 5'8" to 5'10"
◾Weight: 110-115 lbs.
◾Hair Color: Dark brown, tinted.
◾Eye Color: Green

◾Distinguishing Marks/Features: Vaccination scars on her left arm and outer left thigh. A one-quarter-inch horizontal scar underneath her right breast. A light brown birthmark on her right buttock.

◾Dentals: Available. She had 16 silver amalgam fillings in upper teeth #2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, and 15; and lower teeth #18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30 and 31.
◾Fingerprints: Available.
◾DNA: Available at the state lab.

Clothing & Personal Items
◾Clothing: Blue corduroy jacket (size 9-10; made in Canada), blue Levi hip-hugger jeans (made in Boston, MA), tan knee-length riding boots (possibly made in Spain) that were well-worn and re-soled, tan long sleeved sweater with perpindicular ribbing (size 32), and a 2" wide leather belt (Thom 38 or Tham 38, with one-inch leather strips which go through a brass ring.

◾Jewelry: Yellow metal ring with a red oval stone worn on the right ring finger. A white metal ring with Indian designs worn on the left middle finger, made in Mexico.

◾Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Case History

A hiker found the victim's body down an embankment on Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive near Laurel Canyon. She had been stabbed over 100 times, indicating overkill.

A witness remembered seeing the girl with the Manson Family at Spahn and thought her name was "Sherry." Because of the labels in her clothing, detectives suspect she may have come from Canada or the east coast, possibly Europe.

Investigating Agency(s)
If you have any information about this case please contact;

◾Agency Name: Los Angeles Police Department
◾Agency Contact Person: Cold Case Homicide Unit
◾Agency Phone Number: 213-847-0970

◾Agency Name: Los Angeles County Coroner's Office
◾Agency Contact Person: Daniel Machian
◾Agency Phone Number: 323-343-0512

◾Agency Case Number: ME: 1969-12644; LE: 69-668-376; Jane Doe No. 59
◾NCIC Case Number: U393785300
◾NamUs Case Number: UP #2997

Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.


dawnn said...

I live in Montreal Canada such a beautiful young lady I hope they solve the crime.Will keep you informed on any other articles they print in our local news.

DebS said...

Thank you Marlene! I would be interested in something a little more specific about when Reet came to California and when she sent her parents the postcard. Saying summer is a pretty broad timeline. I also have to wonder why this story would break in People magazine, then be picked up by the news stations in LA.

Patty is Dead said...

Deb, could Deb Tate and Leslie's parole hearing have anything to do with the timing?

Trilby said...

My suspicion is that Debbie was the conduit for the info, or LAPD/D.A.'s office sour grapes. She was identified last December. Suspicious as hell that the story breaks now. And in that pseudo pay-for-play rag People.

Robert Hendrickson said...

I'm sure the new cops on the cold case have discovered that ZERO's real name was "JOHN" by now - or maybe NOT.

Does anyone else understand the significance of this NEW possibly related Manson Family case ?

IF it was a "copycat" murder to throw the cops OFF regarding the TATE / LaBianca murders, then ALL of the Manson Family (including S.G.) who understood the "copycat" motive, could be sinking in a very deep pile of LBJ.

For the rest of us, the idea of the F.B.I. NOW paying a million ++++ dollars for certain information is very encouraging.

Manson Mythos said...

I already came to that conclusion. In reality, there is little to no evidence that this case is tied to Manson. There is only speculation, just as there has been about every cold case since 1969. I think this is all to stir up the public about Leslie's parole, so they could further convince the public that a grandma is a threat to the very fabric of American existence and they're all doing their job by killing her locked up. Look at the "comments" section of these articles and every other post mentions Leslie. Some even have speculated out loud that she might have been involved, despite her being in custody at the time. We're dealing with an incredible stupid society who views everything through a very limited scope. One could assume these people seem to think murder was something rare to the state of California before they let Manson walk out of Terminal Island.

Matt said...

Patty and Trilby, the same exact thought crossed my mind when I heard. Very suspect timing.

DebS said...

The People article says that Charles Manson was questioned last October about this girl.

Pretty odd if she wasn't positively identified until December. I belong to a couple of FB groups where some of the other members speak with Manson fairly regularly and no one has mentioned that Manson said he was questioned about this murder recently, or any other murder for that matter. This thing stinks and the timing of its publication probably does have something to do with Leslie being granted parole. It may have had something to do with Gov. Brown again vetoing Bruce's parole, too.

Robert C said...

A right wing conspiracy against LVH .... hard to say.

150 stab wounds ... does indeed sound more personal, but also hard to say.

To get that many punctures either the assailant was really pissed off or the victim put up one helluva fight before takedown.

A MF decoy murder ... random ? ... really would make even less sense than the TLBS butcheries.

MF really making it gruesome/witchy to scare people ... anything is possible so far but kind of over'kill' even for the Mansonites.

Did she really know any Mansonites ? .... stay tuned ...

ColScott said...

As the Col has stated many times, there are no other TLB related murders. No bodies at Barker. Nothing. Just Sound and Fury signifying nothing.

dawnn said...

Deb you will get some of your answers to what you asked when she left and also her year book picture and 2 pictures of her she was very beautiful.Look C.T.V news Montreal and seeing that she is from Montreal there will be more to come.Its on the aprile 27th 2016 news report.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Tomorrow morning America will wake up to a NEWSPAPER with a new and improved THOUGHT (Manson maniacs on the lose) and thus WE will get a break from "a wild & crazy" Donald Trump and the most boring chic on the planet in the news.

I also remember, in the sixties, when taking a shit was MORE thrilling than listening to LBJ work his lips like a priest in heat.

SO THANK God the government has our best interests at heart in this NEW Manson matter.

You know, maybe IF Hillary got down on HER knees in front of Donald for a skit on SNL, BUT why take a chance on serious comedy when you always have a sure winner with the MANSON mystique.

dawnn said...

Remember that there was 2 Canadian drug dealer from Toronto Canada that where suspects after the murder at Sharon s home.

dawnn said...

She was identified because her sister saw the photo and knew it was her sister.

dawnn said...

also there is an article in the Montreal Gazette about a lapd detective that worked on the case.Montreal Gazette april 27 2016

Robert Hendrickson said...

KILLER was associated with the Family. AND the fact that while the TATE/LaBianca killers were in jail at the time "ZERO" and this new girl were killed only days apart, should wave red flags in front of ANY crime buff.

IF John "Zero" Haught was in Canada and met the subject girl there, BOTH deaths then make sense.

Again Marlene, thanks and do YOUR thing. It may not get any better than this - for a long time.

Manson Mythos said...

I don't believe there is a connection....BUT, for mental masturbation..

In the LA Times interview it says Jane Doe #59 left Canada to go to LA and meet a friend, "John or Jean". Jean Sharpe (then sister-in-law of Troy Donahue who claimed he once met Manson) was romantically involved with Canadian actor Iain Quarrier (Montreal nonetheless). It was always strange how he dropped out of the public eye, split for Europe and became a complete nutcase after Sharon Tate was murdered. Why did it seemingly effect him greater than it did Polanski and even her own immediate family? Needless to say, Quarrier and others in his circle were regulars in the area her body was found.

She is listed as being Jean in the Tate Homicide Report. But it appears her real name is Gina. Either that or she changed it.

Manson Mythos said...

I read elsewhere from an alleged former detective that Marina Habe's murder was actually solved, but the perpetrated died before they could nail him and that he was a member of a 1% biker gang.

The other Straight Satan arrested in the Spahn Ranch raid besides DeCarlo ended up stabbing a guy over 80 times and dumping his body in a canal for sporting a SS tattoo while not being a member. I'd say this crime is similar in nature to the work of a biker club just as much as the TLB murders.

charles said...

Manson didn't murder young attractive girls, he recruited them..

Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...

Every single local news media outlet in Los Angeles is using this story as a headline all day long. Way more attention than either the Davis or Leslie parole. The old news directive: "If it bleeds, it leads"

Fiddy 8 said...

The difference between the news coverage of the parole stories and this one is that with this one they have a legitimate reason to publish and broadcast a photograph of Charles Manson. Always an attention grabber.

MHN said...
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MHN said...

I can't quite agree Fiddy8. It might be a personal thing but pictures of Charlie don't grab my attention half as much as pictures of his vestal virgins in their prime

Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...
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Fiddy 8 said...

I don't think so MNH. Could any average media consumer identify a picture of Tex?, or of any of the girls? Manson is the image with instant recognition.

orwhut said...
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MHN said...

Fair point Fiddy. Fair point. I guess that's a combination of image and name recognition. Ie, myth. The girls are mere bit-part players. Maybe I'm just a bit interested in those parts. Still, for me there are few images more evocative than those of the three priestesses heading into the courtroom with those shaven heads. Manson, not so much. He's another disappointing Messiah, while the girls are wonderfully human in their devotion and gullibility.

orwhut said...

orwhut said... Reet Jurvetson sounds like a Scandinavian name to me. Robert, as our resident decendant of Vikings, do you know whether it is?

DebS said...

Reet Jurvetson was born in Sweden and moved to Canada as a child. Go to the link Marlene suggested-

Watch the second video "CTV News Channel: How her identity was discovered". It is an interview with the LA detective assigned to the case, Luis Rivera. He says more than once that there is nothing to connect the MF to the crime.

It has been suggested at one forum that Reet could have been the victim of Rodney Alcala. While Alcala's main MO was to strangle, two of the five victims he was convicted of killing were stabbed to death. Alcala's first known victim was killed in LA in 1968. Alcala traveled and used the alias of John Berger.

dawnn said...

Very good point Deb.

dawnn said...

Deb go to cbc news montreal you will see a video of more pictures of her and her highschool very interesting.Its there today

Anonymous said...

@Marlene Ful - Is this the one? : Link to CBC News story

No offense to the Manson girls, but this woman was a little too attractive to be hanging out with them. And John Philip Haught was banging Little Patty (yuck), arguably the least attractive of the girls, so I doubt that he would be able to pick up high quality chicks in Toronto.

Are the police now interviewing all guys named John who may have been in Toronto and California in 1969? Is John Kay of Steppenwolf a suspect?

orwhut said...

Deb, Thank you.
Ziggy, For a minute I thought you meant Steven Kay.

Robert Hendrickson said...

Just THINKING: Wouldn't it be fantastic IF NOTHING in our world was "connected" to anything else.

In other words: Manson could NOT be "connected" to any crime. Jesus could NOT be "connected" to GOD. America could NOT be "connected" to WAR. Sugar could NOT be "connected" to CANDY. What you SEE, HEAR and FEEL could NOT be "connected" to any THOUGHT process.

SO nobody could ever be WRONG, CRAZY or BORING ?

UTOPIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

MHN said...

But Robert, (hi, by the way), maybe nothing IS connected. We know the brain is hardwired to find connection and pattern. Maybe there is ultimately no connection between 'Nam and Spahn, just as there is no connection between Cielo and The Beatles, no connection between Manson and Watson, or Man's Son and What's On, or the Bug and the dune buggies.

Experience teaches us however, that there is a connection between a knife and a wound, between blood loss and mortality, and between mortality and grief.

I can wish away a great many connections. It'll never be utopia. Life is in permanent bondage to connections. Decision and regret. Only when we are robots, or else when the desert sweeps over the body of all the lands of the dead earth, will there be peace.

beauders said...

Col. Scott could it be that nobody talked about Jurvetson, the people buried at Barker, Habe or any of the others because all of them (except those being held in police custody) were involved in these murders? Van Houten stopped talking when the police started asking her about LaBianca and Sadie did talk about bodies at Barker's. I don't know if the Family was involved in the murder of Marina Habe or Reet Jurvetson but I would bet that Habe and Jurvetson were murdered by the same person or person's. I've heard that there was a crazy biker who was suspected in the Habe murder but that he was dead. If I was investigating Jurvetson I would be looking at that guy.

dawnn said...

Mr Henderson a new link At Montreal C.T.V news the man that descovered her body in 1969 gives an interview he was only 15 when he descovered her.

dawnn said...

Ziggy the link is right that guy that was in Toronto and California was also in Montreal where he met her.I bet one of her friends will come up with more info.I hope so.

beauders said...

If people want to see coverage go to bing video, there is quite a bit.

Duane Damage said...

(This is just my opinion) I believe Reet was killed because she either witnessed the murder or overheard something about Zero (John Phillip Haught. I believe Bruce and or Clem was involved along with Madaline Joan Cottage (Little Patty), who was there when Zero was killed. She also had mental problems and was in mental hospitals before and after she was in the family. I believe she killed Zero and had something to do with Reets death. John may have been John Phillip Haught that Reet met up with. John was originally from Ohio and 3 states away from Montreal so there's a possibility. Either way, I hope they catch her killer or killers.

Duane Damage said...

(This is just my opinion) I believe Reet was killed because she either witnessed the murder or overheard something about Zero (John Phillip Haught. I believe Bruce and or Clem was involved along with Madaline Joan Cottage (Little Patty), who was there when Zero was killed. She also had mental problems and was in mental hospitals before and after she was in the family. I believe she killed Zero and had something to do with Reets death. John may have been John Phillip Haught that Reet met up with. John was originally from Ohio and 3 states away from Montreal so there's a possibility. Either way, I hope they catch her killer or killers.

Zelda Formaldehyde said...

Just catching up on this news. It would be interesting to know from Anne whether Reet had any odd alt-learning aspirations, like Scientology. Because as some here are tying her death to that of Zero, I'm more inclined to think about a connection to Doreen Gaul and James Sharp, having occurred around one week later.

pray4u333 said...

Reet was living at 5311 Melrose AV. LA at the Paramount hotel room 306. Her death is similar as we know to Marina Habe who was found also of Mulholland Dr. ,as well as Doreen Gaul who was stabbed to death 11/21/69 in the Silverlake District.
Robin Ann Graham ,18 was abducted and has never been found from the southbound SM Hollywood freeway Santa Monica Bl & Vermont AV. 11/15/70. I found in Doreen Gauls PD report that some of the "Family" was staying at an apartment behind Graham's house! Her mother Beverly told me she can see the place from her back window! Graham was attending Pierce College in Woodland Hills where a Family member was living. She had friends that lived near the LaBiaicas and she would drive to that area her mother told me. Robin lived on Lemoyne st. This isn't too far from where Gaul and Sharp were murdered. Lemoyne st. is where her parents are still awaiting any news after all these years. They didn't wish to move in case Robin returned or there was some news,etc.God bless them.

The man who had stopped to 'help her' was about 5'8" ,25 ' young' wearing a white turtle neck sweater ( l have a pix of Bruce Davis wearing a white turtle neck sweater just FYI) and dark bell bottom pants. He had dark brown hair one report says blondish.

pray4u333 said...

Danny was from Canada just FYI

Unknown said...

The Fifth Estate-who has done the best job so far on the JD 59 case. They have an excellent vid of Reet's case.You tube. Of interest a 'pair of black rimmed glasses'(individual was myopic Liberty brand USA made popular) were found near the crime scene.It is remembered that CM or a Family member supposedly left a 'pair of black rimmed glasses' as a "fake clue"(Atkins)at the Tate home. They are shown on the vid. Fingerprints? Touch DNA?

There is a comparative pix of Sharon Tate alongside of Reet's color pic. Bears a striking resemblence.She went to Malibu more than once prior to her death.She enjoyed going to the beach. We know BD and others were at Malibu from time to time.Did one or more of them them note the amazing similarity between Reet and Sharon? Was that a draw?All speculation,of course.

She was found stabbed viciously to death very near where Marina Habe's body(I posted her autopsy) was found.There seems -from her mother's account- more than one person involved. One man said "go"(by implication more than one person) and the mother heard 'voices.'A black Cadillac was involved.I finally found a photo of a black Cadillac at Spahns. Ed Sanders mentions just such a car in his book The Family.2000 ed.Sanders says a 'rich friend' of CM's loaned him the car.
I have heard two rumors. One that a 'song about Habe was sung' a few times at the ranch.Just FYI only.
The next story I was told was that Tex had been to Hawaii and had met Habe on a beach.I do know she was attending school there. Then when she came to CA on Christmas vacation she went to the ranch just to visit.It seems Tex told her while in Hawaii to visit there when she went back to CA. Again,just FYI.Someone could check out exact timelines.

Everyone, including a street artist that hasd spoken to this "mystery man" has been found-amazing- seem to indicate this Jean or John was Canadian.This includes a second male bearing the same name that was with Jean/John.

Unknown said...

pray4u333 said...

pray4u333 said...
Note glasses were found nearby harks back to the fake -clue and not saying it was a family member- Susan told her cell mate About glasses left behind at the Tate home.

pray4u333 said...

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the Dating Game killer, Rodney Alcala, had something to do with it? Reet was smitten with a "John", and that was Rodney's alias at the time. Also, a sketch of "John" looked like how Rodney did at that time.

Doug said...

A Fifth Estate (Kinda like our version of 60 Minutes) episode on Reet. Dunno if this was ever linked at the time of her being identified as Jane Doe #59