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AIRTREESWATER, and ANIMALS is a 4-part, seasonal album series by CHARLES MANSON on Magic Bullet Records that brings together these two passions. Each individual album features previously-unheard, authorized, and exclusive songs with a sharp focus on the non-sustainable environmental conditions mankind has wrought for itself. The recordings span numerous sessions and are presented in their raw, natural, and unadulterated form. Each installment also features striking artwork and careful presentation centered around the tenets and philosophies of ATWA (including exclusive paintings rendered by MANSON himself).  When all of the sensationalism, fear, projection, and knee-jerk response is stripped away, all that remains is a man named Charlie, strumming and picking away on his guitar and sending his passions into the ether.
Schedule of release:

• AIR CD/LP/Cass/Digital : Summer 2010 (August 10, 2010)
• TREES CD/LP/Cass/Digital : TBA
• WATER CD/LP/Cass/Digital : TBA
• ANIMALS CD/LP/Cass/Digital: TBA

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