Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Backporch Tapes's Youtube Channel

This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy.


Too bad. Can't think of who's copyrights he could have violated. Oh well...


Panamint Patty said...

Too bad is right. :(

Cease2 said...

That's a whole lot of great footage made unavailable. A great resource gone. A lot of time & effort must have gone into making it all available.

Some meannie must have complained. Youtube's statement is funny... their whole setup is based on copyright breach.

If Backporch reappears anywhere, please publish the details on Eviliz (the mutha of all Blogs!).

candy and nuts said...

from what Ive heard it is more then some copyright thing~

Panamint Patty said...

Candy! Yer such a tease. Do tell.

richko62 said...

Looks like Tobann International Pictures made most of the complaints. That is Robert Hendrickson company. To bad Micheal had alot of original content, not to mention all the phone conversations between him and Manson. I will miss his channel a lot.

Panamint Patty said...

Here's to hoping that a compromise might be reached.

candy and nuts said...

ah just from what I heard some of the "new" ATWA group was flagging multiple videos over and over to cause Micheal problems~not sure if this is what really happened

Matt said...

Hopefully he'll take down the videos in question and be able to go live again.

eviliz said...


If Backporch reappears anywhere, please publish the details on Eviliz (the mutha of all Blogs!).

July 26, 2011 11:35 AM
thank you very much!!!

now i DO NOT want to start any kind of war with Michael from BPT, or his people i do not know Michael personally.
i just know of him and his you tube did rock.
but a little manson bird ( actually it was charlie's pet crow devil) told me about 6 months ago that BPT kept posting copyrighted stuff, like footage from MSNBC and places like that. The corporates told him to stop posting their shit but he would not.

i also heard way back then- Charlie was sick and tired of Michael profiting off him. Examples-
selling things Charlie sent him, artwork, spiders and autographed stuff, plus taping and sharing their phone conversations. so those are my theories.

today someone else told me Starr had something to do with the shut down so that makes me think-why was there absolutely NO mention of Michael in "Charles Manson NOW?" maybe it was a combination of both of those things?

now i am POSITIVE i will get problems for saying all that but it is MY blog and opinions are like asshole, everyone has one.

adam said...

His whole channels down? That sucks, he had some great stuff.

Matt said...

BPT is (was) clearly the best resource for Manson-related videos. I'll miss it.

In thinking about it though, there were some segments up there that were likely to draw protest from copyright holders. This would include one that contained my favorite Manson moment EVER when he was being interviewed with Emmons by a female NBC correspondent who was clearly over her head with CM:

CM: I gotta take a shit, would you excuse me?


CM: Well you want me to be honest, right?

NBC: Yes, I want you to be completely honest...

CM: Ok, you're about 10 lbs. overweight.

But if it weren't for BPT, that video wouldn't have ever made it online. Shit, NBC isn't going to put it on their sites. That part of BPT was great - getting to see stuff you can't buy.

There were also the Hendrickson segments which I'm sure RH wasn't happy about. The difference is you CAN buy those videos, so putting them on YouTube harms the copyright holder.

But, copyright laws are copyright laws. All of that will go out the window when China eventually launches its version of YouTube. They don't respect ANY copyright or patent laws.

eviliz said...

my favorite Manson moment is when the interviewer asks Charlie where he would go if they let him out of prison.

Charlies reply- "I would go-POOF"

rfoster1 said...

Yes, there were some people from a certain group that Michael had distanced himself from that I believe were making his online life Hell.

Cease2 said...

Still, on Youtube it plainly states RH's Tobann International as culprit ...Told you it was a Meannie.

"For that mean, oh mean, mean green"

ACFisherAldag said...

Michael was saying that someone complained that he had photos of naked children on his site. You Tube would not even listen to his side.

It was very likely film footage of the Family with kids frolicking around unclothed. And the narc was very likely someone who wrote negative comments on his wall and got a smackdown from the rest of the viewers.

It really is a shame. I will miss the phone conversations that Michael taped.

shawn said...

too bad..some great footage...where in the hell am i supposed to go now?? pirate bay, that's where.

ACFisherAldag said...

I was just told that it was Toban International, who owns the rights to the Hendrickson films, who got Michael banned from You Tube.

It seems as though Michael could've been given a warning, so that he could take down offending material, rather than snitching to authorities, and depriving us all of all the other material on Backporch Tapes.

Or better yet, using Michael's channel as a "teaser" for the films, with information about how to purchase them. Cooperation.

Mr. Hendrickson, haven't you gotten enough money by exploiting Charles and his associates?

adam said...

Another great discovery I found on BPT is when I saw that Michael had Gypsy's single she cut as "Charity Shayne" back in the mid 60's. This gal could really sing!

eviliz said...

From my viewpoint you can't blame Hendrickson one tiny bit. I had a problem with someone taking a few pics from here and then posting it on his site last October. I told him "you can use whatever you want just credit my site" but -he kept taking pics and info claiming he found the stuff himself. I have spent countless UN-PAID hours finding all this stuff to share with everyone. Him doing that pissed me off.

I am no Hendrickson that's for sure, but I have tons of stuff and pictures people will NEVER see anywhere else.

Look at it like this- You go to work and bust your ass 40 hours one week on 'project A '. When 'project A' is complete you turn it in with your name on it. But when you turn your back- So and So whites your name out and puts his name on it.

Pay day comes and you go to claim your check and are told "There is no check for you." You tell them "There has to be a check, I turned in ' project A'
which I worked 40 hours on."

And the bitch that hands out the paychecks says
"Oh no So and So did 'project A'. His name was on it not yours. No pay check for you." Now YOU know you completed it not him, and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.

Then to top it off- there is 'project A' posted for everyone to see. And everyone is telling So and So what a great job he did. It's bullshit.

Ken619 said...

AC said...

"Or better yet, using Michael's channel as a "teaser" for the films, with information about how to purchase them. Cooperation."

"Cooperation" would of been if Michael got permission to use someone else's work or product.

I have a business with a logo and if someone posted images of my work without my logo, without my permission to their advantage, I'd be at their front door in a BIG way.

With that said.... other than the mind set, I did enjoy his site.

ColScott said...

We all forget I had a ton of this stuff up. Well before BPT. Literally dozens of hours. It was that asscrack JimNy who got me taken down. Sounds like him here too.

Ken619 said...

Because of what he did to you Col, I first thought of JimNY.

See...brand new day, not the same old shit.