Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gypsy and Country Sue: Racist PIGS!

When the police interviewed Ruby Pearl about the disappearance/murder of Donald Jerome "Shorty" Shea, she told the police about a little incident where Shorty's African American wife went to the ranch, and had sat down in a chair. I guess after she left, Catherine "Gypsy" Share, and Sue "Country Sue" Bartell told the others not to sit in the same chair that Shorty's wife had sat in. WTF? If anything, Shorty's wife should of been afraid to sit in a chair that those two skanks sat in. There is a good possibility that they left unmentionable odors & stains wherever they sat, so who were they to be such jerks? Oh, and Lynn Fromme wasn't any innocent, little elf either, even though she did have an "elf-like" appearance. Just saying.... Ruby Pearl's statement:
On 10-31-70 the undersigned interviewed Ruby Pearl. Miss Pearl stated, "I knew Shorty for approximately ten years. I saw him almost every day. He always told me where he was going. He moved back to the Spahn's Movie Ranch in August of 1969 after splitting from his wife, a colored girl. He brought her to the ranch in the summer of 1969 and it made the hippies mad. Gypsy (Catherine Share) and Sue (Bartell) told everyone in the Manson family not to sit in the same chair that Shorty's wife had sat in after she left. When Shorty returned to the ranch, after splitting from his wife, he brought a box of very pretty dishes, given to him as a wedding gift. Two weeks after his disappearance I went to the ranch and the Manson family was using the dishes. I asked what they were doing with Shorty's dishes and Lynn Fromme said, 'He won't --' and stopped speaking abruptly. Some time late in August I went to Spahn's Movie Ranch about 11:30 P.M. Shorty had been drinking and asked if he could come over to my house and stay because he didn't like being around these weird hippies. I told Shorty I didn't have room at my house for him and got into my car and started to leave, when I observed a blue car pull into the ranch with Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Bill Vance, Bruce Davis and Clem Tufts jumped out of the car very fast and spread out along the boardwalk. I thought it was strange as they never moved very fast. I didn't stop. I continued driving out of the ranch and never saw Shorty again. After Charlie was arrested I went to the County Jail with Dawn Quant to visit Charles Manson. I asked Charlie, 'Where is Shorty's body, Charlie?' We want to bury him properly.' Charlie answered, 'Ask the Black Panthers.' I replied, 'Charlie, you know there haven't been any Black Panthers around the ranch.' Charlie wouldn't talk to me anymore. During the first part of the Tate trial Charlie kept sending notes out through his attorney that he wanted to see me. I want with some attorney to the County Jail again and the first thing Charlie said, 'You know, Pearl, I didn't know Shorty very well.' I answered, 'Charlie, you know given the ranch a black name.' He refused to talk to me any more.