Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rocky of Ballarat CA

Rock Novak is everything to the ghost town of Ballarat

ROCK Novak is everything to his town.

The caretaker, the judge, the mayor and the sheriff, he is the single resident of Ballarat — a ‘ghost town’ in California’s Death Valley.

Founded in 1897, in its heyday — 1897 to 1905 — Ballarat had nearly 500 residents, and was home to a Wells Fargo Station, post office, school, jail, hotels and several bars.

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THE MAYOR OF BALLARAT from Mickey Todiwala on Vimeo.

The Blog visited Rock and Ballerat on our 2015 tour.  Emmett Harder treated us to a ride up Goler Wash to Barker Ranch and was the best tour guide ever.  Post HERE

Deb, Emmett, Matt, Patty, George, Stoner, St. Circumstance with Rocky behind him and Jon Aes-Nihil

Thanks Amanda (reader in Australia) for the tip!