Monday, August 10, 2015

Photo ID Help: Garretson

My dearest readers, we would like you to study the following photo and please do let us know if you think the topless, or shall I say shirtless figure on the right in the photo below is one William (Bill) Garretson, who was known as Rudi Altobelli's boytoy caretaker at 10050 Cielo Drive:

Possible Garretson Photo # 1

Now, for comparison, please inspect the authentic photo of William "Bill" Garretson when he was finally released from jail after having been the first suspect of the Tate murders. This photo is the one below. A quick Austin Ann note: the hairless chest seen in photo # 1 seems to be the same as photo # 2. Of course, I could be wrong.....

Totally, 100% authentic Garreston Photo # 2

NOTE: We are not saying it is Garretson, however we do want to hear from our readers to see what y'all think! Ya dig?