Monday, September 15, 2014

Rosina Kroner

Earlier this summer I was watching the news and there was a big story about the rain that hit the San Francisco Bay Area.  We very rarely get rain in the summer.  Anyway, who should they happen to interview for the story? 

Rosina Kroner!!! 

Yes, Tex Watson's girlfriend who was loosely connected to the shooting of  Lotsapapa  by Charles Manson.  She is being interviewed at her stand in the town of Bodega where she sells goods on the weekend.  The TV station misspelled her last name but if you Google the correct spelling you will find a listing for her and her shop in Bodega.

Sandy, Ivan and Squeaky

Do these two women not look as pious as Sunday school teachers?  They look so crisp and white that it's hard to imagine that they were able to live in the filth of the ranches and eat out of dumpsters.  Sandy is even sitting on a towel so that her dress doesn't get soiled!  But I guess that's the point of having this picture taken, they weren't a bunch of dirty slippies.  Yeah, right.....

The earliest date on the back of this photo, taken in Independence, is December 8, 1969.

Photo added by Cuntry Trash :
This was in Independence, for sure, at the motel across the road from the court house. Here is a pic of the area I took from the front lawn of the court house.

Candy and Nuts also sent us these photos.
It looks like they were taken on the court date in Independence.