Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back Porch Tapes update

From BPT's Facebook

Backporch Tapes 
I got a notice from ebay telling me it was multiple offenses major of posting nude children, Which I DID NOT DO....I never posted anything of Hendrickson period, never and the TOBBIN INTERNATIONAL FILMS thing is bullshit. I don't think You Tube has the balls to come out and say they HAD AND ALLOWED NUDE KIDS ON THERE which I didnt have anyway. I think You Tube is using Tobban to cober it up to save thier ass if the child nudity thing true. I had one photo of the Manson women standing nude with some kids and the parts were cover with a was them being HIPPIES not them being CHILD MOLESTERS. I also was informed this was by the ATTORNEYS of You Tube...and it a Major offense ....Saying things like they are not responsible and if sued or arrested they not liable. The they throw that Tobban thing up to make it look like something else. You Tube is not being truthful with that. I believe it was the Jewish Jesus who turned me in with her band of idiots. She menetioned the Nudity and how she cant look at it as part of her religion on more than one occasion. The same time it was cancelled out she BLOCKED ME from here on facebook. Its a ATWAR with LIES. I am now ATWAR with LIES TOO and will start showing some lies.....

Poor Michael - Sorry Dude.