Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Bobby

There are a lot of things I just don't get.  Bobby is one of them.  He holds a special place in my heart.  Only because he was and still is - hot.  All a girl would have to do is give him a good scrubbin with a wire brush and he would be ready to go.  
He seemed to have a few things going for him pre Gary.  He designed scene sets for movies shot at Spahn's.  Managed to land a few bit parts , one in a porno with Gypsy.  He played a variety of instruments.  He was in some bands, so  I assume he wrote songs.  Then what went wrong?  We will never know why Bobby, Sadie and Mary did what they did.  And - why the hell would you drive around in the car of the person who's murder you just "participated" in?  And when the car broke down why didn't he just keep going on foot?  No, he bunks the murder weapon in the wheel well of the car he stole from the guy who's murder he  just "participated" in and lays down for a nap?   Forged pink slip or not.

In prison he invented some new musical instruments.  He is an avid guitar player.  He is very talented musically.  I myself, can only play the skin flute.  He also is a painter.  His artwork is some pretty dark stuff.  I wonder if he would have made these accomplishments if he never went to prison?  I truly believe he is a political prisoner, I think that is the term.  His cocky attitude and association with M is why he is still rotting away in prison.  I think he has done enough time and should be released.  But, If I was a relative or friend of Gary, I am sure I would think differently.

And if Gary was a mescaline maker/dealer, why was there never any mention of a drug factory set up in his house?  Or, no drugs found in the house?

Bobby the Transient.