Monday, January 24, 2011

manson girls movie

Earlier I asked if anyone went over to
I just did.  Though Susanna said it would be up and running by January 24th, it is not.  As far as the streamed interview today
I have not gotten there yet, and probably won't until tomorrow.

I was pretty bummed the website is not up and running yet.  : (



Now and back in the day.
Then~Steven Grogan a.k.a. Clem, Scramblehead, The Idiot.
Recently~Adam Gabriel.  Wonder what name he is using today?

Great Grandma Katie

Better late then never.  Pat's pic from last weeks 7 year denial.

Did anybody watch or listen to the broadcast today that I posted about on Sunday? Some sort of broadcast today about the upcoming Manson girls movie.  I forgot.

Still have pictures trickling in.  Matt is being a very good Administrator.  He is getting them ready for me to post as soon as I send them to him.  If you have sent me photos be patient.  We will try to have them all up by the end of this week.  Right Matt?