Saturday, October 22, 2022

TikTok'ers Love Manson's "Home Is Where You're Happy"!


A Charles Manson Song Is Appearing in Cozy Fall Videos on TikTok

By Alex Hudson

Published Oct 21, 2022

TikTok has a tendency to make old songs go viral: Mother Mother went stratospheric with some 13-year-old music, and we just spoke with Alex Turner about the sudden success of Arctic Monkeys deep cut "505." Now, another old song is trending, but here's the unfortunate twist: it's by Charles Manson.

The murderous cult leader was an aspiring musician in the '60s, and his 1968 song "Home Is Where You're Happy" has started spreading on TikTok. Most people posting it don't seem to know what the song is; rather, the ramshackle acoustic ditty is being used to soundtrack various #fallvibes videos and clips about domesticity and DIY crafts.

"I liked how it sounded a little bit older and I liked the lyrics," a TikTok user named Rose Adele told Rolling Stone. "It sounded like he was talking about home, and going into fall, we're at home more."

In other words: Charles Manson is considered hygge. The title of "Home Is Where You're Happy" undoubtedly evokes coziness, although some of the lines about retreating from society scan as a bit more sinister when considered within the context of a cult leader: "So burn your bridges / Leave your whole life behind."

Below, see some of the cozy videos using "Home Is Where You're Happy." Other TikTok users most definitely know who Charles Manson is — see this video about Manson's childhood home.

Original article with various video clips using the song.


Home Is Where You're Happy

Charles Manson

Your home is where you're happy

It's not where you're not free

Your home is where you can be what you are

'Cause you were just born free

Now they'll show you their castles

An' diamonds for all to see

But they'll never show you that peace of mind

'Cause they don't know how to be free

So burn all your bridges

Leave your whole life behind

You can do what you want to do

'Cause your strong in your mind

And anywhere you might wander

You could make that your home

And as long as you got love in your heart

You'll never be alone

Just as long as you got love in your heart

You'll never be alone no no no

You'll never be alone no no no no