Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And in other news...

Rumor also has it (because Patty and Liz are starting that rumor right now) that Tex will be playing Dr.Spock in the newest Star Trek Movie. It will be titled "The Final Frontera". The first scene features The Starship Enterprise hovering over The California Institute for Women while Scotty (played by Bruce Davis) prepares to beam up Leslie and Katie. And then...

PS: Hi Matt! See what happens when you leave us alone?

Eyes of a Dreamer

I am very curious about the five movies related to The Family that are rumored to be in the works. I think I did a fair enough job interviewing Susanna about the 'Manson Girls'.  I just sent her the latest round of questions and will have an up-date soon.

Next up, I think, should be 'Eyes of a Dreamer,' since I could only find one article with any kind of description of the movie:
"The movie follows the Manson Family through their trail of carnage." That's it. 


Tyler Shields, the producer of "Eyes of a Dreamer," has granted us an interview! I am ready for any questions you would like me to ask him, my lovelies.


Lindsay Lohan rumored to play Sharon Tate.

Marilyn Manson to portray Tex.

As well as producing, Tyler Shields will be playing the
role of Charles Manson.

Get those questions rolling!