Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pros & Cons of releasing Bruce Davis


So, what are the pros & cons of releasing Bruce Davis into society after 40 years? Let us make a quick list to weigh in the key issues, shall we?


1. He is 70 years old (low changes of recidivism)
2. Became a born-again Christian in prison, and preaches to other inmates (doesn't mean shit)
3. Has earned a master's degree AND docorate while incarcerated (an educated murderer)
4. Claims that he works to help other people to make good choices, and to have spiritual connections (rolling my eyes)
5. Has attended numerous self-help classes over the years (yawn)
6. I can't think of anything else (this is what comments are for)


1. Was involved in two brutal, and violent crimes
2. Has been present when others died (Zero, possibly others)
3. Continued being in denial for many years after the murders
4. Continued a "friendship" with good ol "Tex" behind bars
5. Very good chance that he is responsible for other deaths
6. Lied for years about his actual involvement
7. Is really creepy-looking (just an opinion)

Now, what will Governor Brown do? Do you think he might use my list to decide? More importantly, what do our readers think? I know I am missing a lot more stuff. I just can't think clearly right now. Just getting ove the flu. Comments? I know one individual who will defintely find time out of his busy schedule to give his opinions on the issue.

anson follower who has spent more than 40 years in prison

Nancy Pitman and Michael Monfort After Their Release From Prison For the Willetts Murders

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Nancy's parents purchased a home in Napa CA for the couple to live in after Nancy was released from prison.  I spoke to a retired Napa police officer who told me that Duncan and Joanne lived in the home for a while with Nancy's oldest child.  After Nancy's release from serving time for Lauren Willetts murder she eventually established residence there.  

The police officer also told me that he lived on the same street and informally was asked to keep an eye on the Monforts during the time they lived there.  He said that they did not live there under the name of Monfort but were allowed to stay there under an assumed name.  The officer could not remember, or did not want to tell me, the assumed name.

Once Monfort's parole was finished they were out of there and the house was sold.