Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nancy Pitman and Michael Monfort After Their Release From Prison For the Willetts Murders

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Nancy's parents purchased a home in Napa CA for the couple to live in after Nancy was released from prison.  I spoke to a retired Napa police officer who told me that Duncan and Joanne lived in the home for a while with Nancy's oldest child.  After Nancy's release from serving time for Lauren Willetts murder she eventually established residence there.  

The police officer also told me that he lived on the same street and informally was asked to keep an eye on the Monforts during the time they lived there.  He said that they did not live there under the name of Monfort but were allowed to stay there under an assumed name.  The officer could not remember, or did not want to tell me, the assumed name.

Once Monfort's parole was finished they were out of there and the house was sold. 


Lauren Webster said...

I'm assuming Nancy got released in 81?

candy and nuts said...

Brenda was called GOld in the Order of the RAinbow she defintely was there thru everything Im sure she learned well how to survive and how to endure through the worst conditions possible-perhaps she reconcilled with her parents obviously they did with her to help her get a house-I always wonder when RED BLUE started wearing robes for NUNess would Brenda have joined in if not she had been in the joint -I think in Jess Bravins book on Squeaky that Sandra wanted to know what colors everyone wanted their robes for the "trial" I think JAck Cook mentioned one time the robes were to be Red on the outside and the special color name on the inside-curious if this would have happened-just a thought

beauders said...

wasn't nancy part of the aryan brotherhood when the nuness stuff started. i think she, gypsy, and mary had left manson by that point.

candy and nuts said...

beauders ya I think they were ,but it somehow seems Nancy and Squeaky and Sandy were still VERY close-but who knows maybe She wouldnt have went against her guy also .

beauders said...

yes i remember the girls somehow stayed close while the guys battled it out.