Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Danny DeCarlo Backstory and Ruth Gordon Update!

Lately, the blog is becoming me and Shoe asking questions while sitting at the feet of yon experts. Stars fill our eyes. Maybe only mine eyes. I can't speak for Shoe. He might not like it like the Colonel doesn't. Regardless, new fruits are falling out of the Manson tree of knowledge in real time. 

I don't think I've ever used yon in a sentence. Maybe I should try to work it into casual conversations. "What time is Saturday's bbq at yon's abode?" "OMG would you please remove yon's clothes from the f-ing dryer! I've been asking for two days!" 

Today, I have stars in my eyes for Buntline. But I legit always do. Bunt is one of those rare researchers who provides data with their thoughts. In forty-eight hours, Buntline basically figured out Ruth Gordon and found Danny DeCarlo's arrival in the US. 

 More than that, Bunt put me back on track with additional documents after I missed a govt. typo and started looking for a timeline I'd never find.

Danny's 1944 birthdate was incorrectly transcribed, possibly by the AI that reads that stuff, as 1914. I totally missed it. His parents are indeed Thomas and Marie. 

3976 3rd Avenue in Los Angeles is worth over a million dollars now. The DeCarlo's shoulda kept the property. I'm not a big stucco guy fwiw. 

Someone from LA is welcome to correct me but that looks like the Leimert Park neighborhood. Here's what I found on Wikipedia. The location of their first US home makes me think Crenshaw and not Westchester was the likely high school for the DeCarlo kids. 

*A bit of minutia. Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynette Fromme also attended Westchester High School at different times. 


Moving on to Ruth Gordon. 

Here's Matt and them (you) discussing the mugshots a decade ago. The only write up I could find on Ruth Gordon was this one. The owners of that website asked readers to "let them know" if anyone finds more info on Ruth. I hope this suffices. 

Those of you following the Mr. X saga on Allegra Lansing's channel know Mr. X dropped a couple of Spahnites' names during the first installment of his interview. Jack Gordon, 4th from left bottom row, and Barbara aka Ruth Gordon, two photos away from him on the right. Mr. X mentions they had a baby named Aaron who Mary Brunner delivered at the Ranch. Sadly, little Aaron died. His last name on the death certificate is Cline. 

AB Nobel Jr. High School is 2.4 miles miles away from Chatsworth HS and located on the same street. Check out Keith Carradine top right, second from right. Those eyes are enough to make a straight man swoon. 


I know I've been heavy on requests lately but I'm wondering if anyone has the corresponding documents from Tom O'Neill's notes section of his book, or knows where I will find them.

My first vacation in a year starts next week but unofficially yesterday. I can't promise I won't post fifty-five more times before Monday but will refrain once something big and juicy appears in our queue. Buntline, Welsh Englishman, Tobias, Torque, dare I say even Matt and David. I'd love to read something from you folks if you ever find yourselves suddenly seized by the urge to type. Jay on a film review, maybe?

And seriously, if you're out there reading this and have something to add to the conversation, shoot Matt an email. Fresh takes are welcome and invited. Shoutout to my homie, Mr. Nitelite, for texting all day about this crazy milieu we inhabit. +ggw