Monday, May 20, 2013

MANSON at the Silent Theatre

Not-coincidentally, the diner we haunt near our Hollywood condo 
has a Sassy Bottoms wall...

Jay Sebring's Salon just happens to be on the next block from The Silent Theatre.

The Billboard in a vintage case.
Like when we were kids...

The facade of this magnificently restored old theater.

The Boss Lizzard with Robert Hendrickson before the screening.
Thank you, Robert and Toby. We love you both!

Michael & Bobot420 from The Backporch Tapes joined us.

Mr. Hendrickson fields questions following the screening.
He was fascinating, informative and funny.
Anybody who has the chance to attend this week - don't miss out!

There was a great reception area behind the theater to meet with Robert after the show.
The garden out back is beautiful. Congrats to the owners/restorers of this historic venue!

Afterwards we enjoyed some "refreshment"  (knowwhatimeanverne?)
out back with readers who recognized us.

We had a few extra t-shirts that we gave to some of the attendees. BTW a big shout out and thank you to all who purchased the shirts. Proceeds went to a Panda rescue, as we have a friend of the blog who loves pandas! You know who you are!