Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spahn Ranch featured in 2011 High Places Video

While we are on the subject of new pop music, the stuff coming out NOW, check out this trippy ambient tune that's video was recently filmed in and around Spahn Ranch! High Places most recently released an album on October 11 of this year.

Kasabian - The Band

Maybe you have heard of them already, maybe you have not. They once said in an interview that they took Bob & Linda's name because it "sounds interesting." It is kinda fun to say. Come on, try it with Patty now: "Kasabian. Kasabian. Kasabian." Linda herself has commented that she thinks they are pretty good!

Kasabian will be playing New Year's 2012 in London's O2 arena. Yes, folks, they are getting BIG. Check out this video on you tube: Their lead singer seems to resemble what would happen if Michael Hutchence and Damon Albarn had a baby. Makes Patty a little "homesick" for the UK: Manchester, 1990 is now known as "the second summer of love" and yes, Patty was there. From what she rememebrs, which is not much.

You can hear their newest single on Youtube, here: