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Manson Pet

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Rare photos from the Spahn Ranch raid

These photos are all from the Spahn raid. Hearing/reading that there was an arsenal of weapons there didn't really sink in until we saw these photos. The visual of what was out there is pretty frightening, wouldn't you say?

Leslie's Other Look A Like

I thought about it and thought about it.  I really fought it.  I wasn't going to do it but, in the first Leslie Look A Like post after Austin Ann 74 brought it up, I couldn't resist.

Austin Ann said........Horseheaded hosebag......

Much more flattering pic wouldn't you say?

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Leslie's look a like.

This may just be my own weird freaky hang –up, but I used to find it difficult to distinguish between Leslie Van Houten and Louise Lasser. I’m way over that now though.

From our new BFF Farf.

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Pirates of the Manson Family?

Does anyone know the origin of this picture of Bobby?  A lot of people have asked me about it over the years and I have no idea.  Anyone?

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The Updated "Manson File"

Charlie up front in the McNeil Island prison band
I have finally started reading the updated version of "The Manson File."

Thanks Grump and thanks Patty!

I can not possibly type up the entire 988 pages. I decided to share some of the things I found bizarre in the book periodically. I say periodically because my other job, the paying one, takes up most of my time lately. I was thinking, remember when The Colonel had his minions type up the entire Paul Watkins book? Maybe he can send those minions my way to take over the typing.

Right now I am up to page 41.  

According to this book, Alvin "Creepy" Karpis took Charlie under his wing in a Washington State prison where they both served time.  Karpis sent a letter to his buddy Frankie Carbo most likely to ask Carbo to keep a look out for Charlie since he was going to be transferred to McNeil Island where Carbo was already serving time. Carbo was a member of the Genovese crime family.

"Less well-known to this day are Carbo's business dealings with a then obscure Los Angeles syndicate player and hopelessly indebted gambling addict named Leno LaBianca.  Among other things, LaBianca was the director of a decidedly shady enterprise known as The First Bank of Hollywood.  The Los Angles Department didn't beat around the bush when they described Mr. LaBianca's financial institution as a "front for hoodlum money."

Eviliz has never read that any where, has anyone else?

"Very early on, the perennial links between American show biz and the underworld left their greasy finger prints all over this case.  That these tell-tale traces have been overlooked in the years since La Bianca's much publicized but still mysterious demise is no accident."

"To begin to get some sense of the previously hidden level that's been obscured under more familiar accounts, a quick game of six degrees of separation may prove an illuminating digression.  For other Carbo connections to coming events in our parolee's (Charlie) life also unfolded around that same time.  For example, it was thanks to Carbo's drastic removal of Bugsy Siegel from his post as the East Coast syndicate's movie industry overseer that a Mafia lawyer named Sidney Korshak moved into the power vacuum opened up by Bugsy's death.  Shortly before our convict's (Charlie again) release from Terminal Island, it was consiglere Korshak- a power-broker so potent he was known by friends and enemies alike as "The Myth"- who pulled strings to see that Robert Evans, a young actor since proven to have maintained close mob connections throughout his career took over Paramount Studios. 

That dream factory's glossy product had not infrequently been funded with mob blood money.  Evans, in turn, helped establish the career of a gifted Polish exile director named Roman Polanski.  Robert Evans produced Polanski's first Hollywood hit, Rosemary's baby. Probably unknown to Polanski, that film was financed with funds, some have surmised, procured from sources directly connected to the Genovese Family activities then taking place in New York. We will come to examine how these mammoth criminal enterprises later collided and intertwined with our subjects (Charlie) considerably more modest outlaw operation."

So begins the Charlie/Mob/Hollywood/LaBianca connection.

Little known fact, Eviliz went to Catholic high school in CT with two girls from the Genovese clan. I remember when we were about 15, someone late at night threw a molotov cocktail into the attic window of their brick home causing the roof and attic along with their bushes and front lawn to burn quickly. Any doubts we had in school as to if they were really mafia were quickly erased.

Evilz also had beef with one of those Genovese girls, the one in a grade ahead of me. She always made it clear on daily basis she wanted to kick my ass because I got to date the few boys in our school and she didn't. I don't think the boys would not date her because she was Mafia. I know it was because she was fat and ugly with a blonde afro.

Stay tuned for more.

Eviliz circa 1983

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Doris Tate and Ed Sanders

Patty has never seen this photo before. 
Did Doris write a book? 
Can't find it on Amazon.com...

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Celebrity Look A Like

Is it just me or does Jason Ritter son of John Ritter have a striking resemblance to Bobby?
Does anyone else find celebrity look a likes in the Family?
E-mail them to~ 1967mansonfamily@gmail.com.

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When Bobby Met Charlie.

In 1973 Truman Capote interviewed Bobby B. The interview was later published in the book  " .45 Dangerous Minds", a compilation of Seconds magazine's favorite interviews. Below are a couple of parts I found interesting in the interview. There is one thing in the interview that irritates me. Capote refers to the LaBianca's as the Lo Bianco's. Where the fact checker was I have no idea.

RB- "Everybody always wants to know how I got together with Manson.  It was through our music.  He plays some, too.  One night I was driving around with a bunch of my ladies.  Well, we came to this old roadhouse, beer place with a lot of cars outside.  So we went inside and there was Charlie with some of his ladies.  We all got to talking, played some together; the next day Charlie came to see me in my van, and we all, his people and my people, ended up camping out together.  Brothers and sisters.  A family."

TC- "Do you consider killing innocent people a good thing?"

RB- "Who said they were innocent?" They burned people on dope deals. Sharon Tate and that gang.  They picked up kids on the Strip and took them home and whipped them. Made movies if it. Ask the cops; they found the movies. Not that they'd tell you the truth."

To read about Gary's murder and more go to  http://capote.wordpress.com/

Thanks to member William Marshall for jogging my memory about  ".45 Dangerous Minds."

Bobby in 2011

Thoughts to keep in mind concerning MDA

Dear Matt,

In the interest of keeping the victims from being any further demeaned than they already have about bringing on their own deaths by insinuating that Roman Polanski sent trunks filled with the drug MDA to Sharon--and therefor making her an accomplice--I think there are a couple of thoughts to keep in mind concerning MDA.

I realize that if you go on the internet to search the history of the drug it will say that it was made illegal in 1970--therefore in "revatron's" opinion it had been around for years--and it had, in the synthetic pharmaceutical testing stages--just as LSD had been around since before the 1940's. Nevertheless, these are drug histories that are being written years after the fact.

But, lets go back to 1969 and what we know are the facts of what was happening in the investigation of Sharon's murder. Of note in the first Tate homicide report: "...Harrigan became quite friendly with Frykowski and Folger. This was mainly due to the fact that Frykowski was interested in known drugs on the market, in addition to future synthetic drugs that were being made in eastern Canada. ...Harrigan told Frykowski that they would obtain the new synthetic drug, MDA, from Canada and allow him to be one of the first to try it. This conversation or agreement apparently took place sometime in the early part of July, 1969 at the Polanski home...

Of further note, we have one of Lt. Bob Helder's portions of Five Down on Cielo, his book collaboration with PJ Tate written in 1970 :

What we needed was a stronger motive for revenge. Perhaps concrete evidence of a dope burn. Along these lines we pursued Kraznowski's account of Frykowski and Harrigan's discussions about the new drug MDA. We knew that the coroner had found an unknown drug in the urine specimens taken from Abigail Folger and Woytek Frykowski. I inquired whether the Coroner's Dept. was aware of this new drug. No came their reply. I checked with the chemists of our  own crime lab and they too were not aware of it. So, I contacted the local agent for the FBI of Narcotics and asked if he could locate a sample. He rang back twenty minutes later to tell me that the drug was so new their laboratory in Washington only had a single tablet but they would be willing to send us a portion of it air mail special delivery. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me and I looked up the phone number of Paul Caruso, Tom Harrigan's attorney. I told him our problem and asked if he thought he might be able to get Harrigan to deliver a sample of MDA to his office if I would guarantee no questions asked. An hour later, a brown paper sack containing 25 tablets was delivered to my office. I took five of the tablets to the Coroner's office and sent the remaining 20 to the FBI.

Alisa Statman

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorry Anon8252, the steamer trunks were NOT full of MDA

There's been speculation here about the anonymous "Family Member" (Anon8252) who was in Star City Radio's chat on Wednesday night.

Setting aside the obvious problem with the dates and having details on Kasabian who she could not have met if she left Spahn for good on May 20, 1969 (Linda didn't arrive until later) we'd like to address the part about Sharon's steamer trunks shipped from Europe being full of MDA.

We do believe that drugs played a part in the Cielo murders. Do we think that there were drugs in the 2 steamer trunks? We would say that with a 95% certainty that there were no drugs in Sharon's trunks. It makes absolutely no sense.

Below is the paperwork for the "drug" trunks. Notice that they were shipped on July 17, 1969 and then didn't arrive in LA until August 8. It seems to us that there would be more of a rush to get these "drug filled" trunks to LA.

You would have a very hard time convincing us that Roman Polanski, at the height of his directing career - fresh off winning Academy awards for Rosemary's Baby and just signing the biggest deal of his career to direct 3 films for a huge amount of money (at the time) would risk it all to ship drugs in a trunk that is so easily traced not only FROM him (albeit his secretary at Cadre) but TO him at his current address in the US.

Also, in these types of trunks there is no hidden compartment or even a lining in these trunks to hide drugs in.

Here at Eviliz, we think Anon8252 was giving nothing more than the regurgitation of a combination of long told rumors. There's not a single thing that he/she said that is new information.

MDA is interesting but this was a drug that was not even really on the market yet but still in the pharmaceutical stages in Canada - not being smuggled from London.

Sorry Anon8252, we're calling BS on you.

Thanks to Tayyarrah for the documents.

Anybody live near Spahn and want to make a few bucks?

Reader "Howard" asks:

On this excellent site a photo was published of what appears to be a Covair. Bruce Davis reportedly was seen driving a Covair. It is above the old Spahn ranch site. How they got it there is a mystery.

I would like to pay someone to go and get the vin number.


If you'd like to accept this mission email me (Matt) privately and I'll put you two in touch...


Hey there liz. I love your blog by the way. Here is a map to the exact location of the Corvair car(B). It so friggin hot I wont be hiking there anytime soon. But I will leave you with this info in case someone else wants to swet it out. If you go to google to this location and zoom in all the way, you will see the car. I don’t know how it got there. Perhaps rolled it from the top.

Also is there a way I can get pointed in the right direction to Squeaky’s water hole?? Any help would be appreciative, Mike and I want to go film it.


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Cappy with Blue Hair

Thank you racestarr for the tip!

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"I missed his heart because I use dick and don't know much about guns."

In an e-mail German Anonymous mentions-

In a letter of Charles Manson out of prison Charlie said he was at a Hollywood parking lot for gay sex with movies actors and met Robert Conrad from Wild Wild West (the 60's t.v. series, not the movie) and Peter Falk . Many don't know if this was true, but it's very interesting that Robert Conrad came to Manson's trial.

Below is the letter German Anonymous mentions.

The letter was originally uploaded by Bill Dakota. Dakota includes a forward of how and why he became interested in Charlie. I posted the translation below the letter.

"B Columnist,

Yes, I like your letters when I have time & I've time. I don't write like you write and you don't need to run none of that bullshit on me. Don't talk (write) around the corner on me. Straight-away, just the truth, no more..less-I don't understand you trying to run fear or B.S. at me. Yes, I know what you mean-my words were when I was out-my souls still in prison. Peace of mind (he has three drawings here). All Polanski can say, is what the D.A. said or what he read somewhere. It would take 44 years for me to explain my 31 years in hallways-cages-it's home. No one can know what I mean. They would need for them to be me. All he will do is judge himself in me & see reflections of his own fears. I seen Sharon (Sharon Tate) and she never impresed me as being anything but $. He bought her mind to get her body.

Man don't get fat on me. NO B.S. don't get fat. Lookit, I can't put myself out
front. You can get your paper back & don't need to say I said nothing. (I told him I needed a story to get the paper back in print after it had been closed down for a few months). I never sued no one else. The D.A. & all got away with saying anything. Marcus, (another inmate who knew Charles had written to me), can tell you things he may have thought he heard, I didn't say Elvis was Bi or not.

Loook it. If I sleep with all the girls you sleep with & we go to bed with 3 or 4 girls at a time & I check you out & the way and things you do & you check out my strokes & pick up on some of the motions don't mean I'm BI or your Bi. If I'm in the same dream but I got a good heart, I can hold that heart in bed. Elvis couldn't fuck over me but I could-over any little fat girl in his dream bed because I earned them when I lived at Tom Mix's old beach house on Sunset out by the beach. We had a pool of naked beauties and strobe lights in the living room & sex in 5 bedrooms & all closets had secret doors that go from bedroom to bedroom plus the guest house, big beds & pool shacks-bedrooms, little ones and mattresses in the living room, a tree house, sex all over the grounds, in the rose garden, under the trees everywhere.

B.D, I'm, forgeful, who's Mark? (As I mentioned he is an inmate who wrote me stating he had wanted to write a book on Manson and wanted me to help him. He claims he had made notes talking to Charles when they were together in Vacaville). I'm one of the dumb people-aware but not smart in human ways. I think more like an animal. Yes, I read the story B.D. Im not easily impressed one way or the other. I don't like people enough to care what they think. Not you because you suffered my suffering & been through a lot to see and understand me. I know what you do is & will be good because I know when you are alone & in a cell and see the good of you when no one else is looking.

Neil Diamond used to come over, Mike Love of the Beachboys, Doris Day's son, Angela Lansbury's daughter, DeeDee, Nancy Sinatra's daughter used to be at the beach pad. Dennis Wilson of (the Beach Boys) & I lived with 15 or 20 of the best. We kicked Jane Fonda out of that dream because her jewish boyfriend wanted to bring a black guy to play ping-pong with her & I said I don't play mixing blood for phony christians that work for their money selling children. She had a big dog and a crummy camera & I said no no, I do what I do for love, not money.

They had a key to Red Skelton's beach pad. I had been there before, so I went and fixed the window so I could look in and they found my peek place. I just wanted to see what they did with the dog & guy they picked up over at UCLA, I don't think she was playing stop the war. She was (I think) making some kind of video tapes like Peter Sellers & Yul Brynner (bald headed guy) were making. Dennis gave me a $5,000 video tape, TV thing for tapes that fit only an elite bunch (porno ring) that was world wide. (Dakota: This was way before VCRs, so it was a special tape machine).

I heard Polanski got money from dog and children movies to make movies with. I was offered record contracts, movie parts, etc, when I got out (prison.) I went to Universal Studios-saw a producer named Stromberg, a phony guy. He wanted me to cut a record with a South African black, Hugh Maskella & big black trumpet & drummer for a movie. He told me Jews control & I'd never get any music over, unless I did it his way. He was making a movie, he said, about the second coming of J.C. & he was to be a black & police were to off him and the system would get the blame & they would control the movie minds and take power. I said no. They did it anyway. Jackson was killed in San Quentin & Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin got big power controls. I was a dumb ass.

I went to Cary Grant's parking lot & this homosexual came and told me to move my car. I knew Grant was in England so I told him & I've had a little experience with homosexuals. So I took him back to Cary Grant's office, that had an apartment (bar) & such. I don't want to say all of the things that happened at Universal Lot because I liked that gay guy & don't want him to lose his job.

That ass Peter Falk & guy that played James West, in WILD WILD WEST, propositioned me. James West also came to the car. I don't fuck with closet queens. There is more but I can't spell. Like one night a girl took me to Elvis' pad...with big iron gates & she was begging to suck on my ice cream. Elvis's wife came home that night and when Dennis Wilson came around he had so many broads. Elvis got afraid, cause that little girl had his heart. I could have eaten it there in front of them but was playing a front & I was having sex in the back. I could have fucked him. He had a car I wanted but Terry Melcher gave one of my buddies a new XKZ Jaguar, for me because he didn't want anyone to know about me & his mom, (note: Doris Day was Melcher's mom) & when D Wilson gave me the Ferrari my other buddy wrecked it & we went off to shoot a game of pool & someone ripped it off.

And Dennis is (a wonderful person no bullshit) he got mad at me. He had a phony French bitch running after him only because she was a star fucker & was fucking Jimi Hendrix. When she asked me to fuck her I rammed it up her ass & wiped it in her face & throwed her out of the pad because all she wanted was money money money and producer Stromberg destroyed my music. When I seen the conspiracy to do in Jackson, I ran and put a "1" up over that bed of fools and clowns.

B.D. I do more on a weekend than most do all of their lives. I'm not into sex porno or selling distorted sex. All sex I do is human, clean and natural. No make-up. No ego fuck but the God fuck. Everyone I fucked wanted to pray to God. I can't say that to toot a horn that everyone will hate me for. Sex paranoia is a heavy trip but what I do is open without guilt or hang-ups. It's not human. I can put a woman on like a robe. That's the only stick I had with people I was with. If the women did right I would favor them with attention. Most men get mad at me because even if theirs is bigger and stronger, my stiff stays up until I tell it to go down & the motions I reflect is from movies as a kid-YMCAs, Hollywood Boulevard, Wilshire, Beverly Hills, Malibu, off the top of that...to reach 200 or more people in the bed that went through all the stars, Elvis and a bit more.
Elvis had a reputation like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin had in the 50's, when I had sex on Orchid Avenue, Orange street, and the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel across from the Chinese Theatre.

B.D.-other don't have the mind to do what I can. All the hang ups related to sex--I don't have & few are free to be in a bed like mine. I can build the passions in 30 people & fuck it all to death & past that. I can put my motion in them and watch them dance, put my song into them & listen to them sing, put myself into them, like looking through their sexual passions like holes in blankets.

Anyway the guy I shot in Hollywood with a 33 that Tex used later..there was white girl in bed begging me not to let him kill her over money. I told him I don't give a fuck for money & he yelled & I shot him and his Mexican dope dealers froze in fear & I took the shirt from the guy, so I was on top of the money bed & sex bed. Luckily, I didn't kill him. I missed his heart because I use dick and don't know much about guns.

Oh yeh, I feel the women with me has witnessed and been with me all the way. They, as a whole, have not let me down & did what a woman can. They've been under it also. Red and Blue have stood against a lot of women-for what they can see Green and Red have been right. When someone is right with me, I must be right right back. Red put her life up trying to get me out & a trip. Most people in the know, use fear over women. I didn't do that. I tried to show them their fears & how to keep love over fear. Gotta end this I'll call if and when I can.

Send some pictures (Unsigned)

If you click on the link below, you can read Dakota's entire spiel.


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When Sandy met Charlie

 In keeping with the murder theory post Patty touched on, I wanted to share a quote from an article sent to me by a group of our German members.  
This is the only time I personally ever heard Sandy speak of her first meeting with Charlie, besides the story she was with friends who's vehicle had broken down.  One of the friends mentioned he knew a mechanic buddy of his that was chillin at Spahn Ranch and perhaps the friend could fix the vehicle.  They stopped at the ranch, Sandy met Charlie and his bitches, removed her jewelry and makeup, and the rest is Manson history.  I wonder if that vehicle ever did get fixed.  The link can be translated into spotty English.  How you perceive it as usual is open to friendly discussion.

"When I first saw him he was stroking a cat.  I don't know what fascinated me.  He seemed so kind and attractive, his movements were a bit mysterious."  Sandra Pugh.


To my German friends, please e-mail me I lost your address.

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Phil Jayhan: Another Grain-of-Truth Conspiracist to be Taken with a Grain of Salt.

Check this dude out:


Kaufman, MKUltra, Sanders, Harvard, Robert Kennedy, Bugliosi, Paul Tate, The Mob, The Process and more!!! Goofy, but thought provoking from a man most well known for his theories on 9/11.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Patty!


TO ~ 

Hans Habe (Marina's father)

Hans Habe was born of János Békessy on 12 February 1911 in Budapest.

He was the son of  tabloid newspaper publisher Imre Békessy (I have read that he had a reputation of being quite shady).

Hans lived in Vienna until 1926, when Karl Kraus initiated an extortion scandal against his father.

The son studied German language and literature at Heidelberg and found his first position as a reporter for newspapers in Vienna.

He edited army newspapers and sympathized temporarily with the Austrian fascists.

His early career was quite successful, and he was the first to discover Adolf Hitler's origins and real name, Schicklgruber.

Beginning in 1934, Habe was the League of Nations correspondent for the Neue Wiener Journal and the Prager Tageblatt. In 1936 he published Drei über die Grenze (Three over the Frontier ), described as an "exile novel of a nonexile."

Expatriated from Austria, Habe served as a volunteer in the French army in 1939-40, became a German POW, and in 1940 escaped to the United States.

His successful war novel A Thousand Shall Fall (Ob Tausend fallen ) was published in the United States in 1941.

After being trained as a defense officer in the U.S. Army, Habe was promoted to major and was assigned to serve as a member of the American committee to establish a democratic press in defeated Germany. His most important achievement was the founding of the Munich newspaper Die Neue Zeitung.

In his not entirely reliable report Im Jahre Null: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der deutschen Presse (1966), on the history of the German press, he characterized the attitude of the American occupying forces as "anti-German" and "pro-Russian" and claimed to have repeatedly warned the United States of the communist danger.

Habe published successfully as a novelist in the United States, with his works reflecting his personal experiences. The novel Aftermath (1948) portrays the end of the war and postwar period and criticizes the emancipated American woman.

Off Limits (1954) relates stories surrounding the American occupation of Germany. Black Earth (1952) depicts the fight of farmers in Hungary against the Soviet influence on domestic agricultural policies.

In 1946 Habe moved to Hollywood and then, in 1951, to Ascona, Switzerland.

His attempt to publish the magazines Neue Münchner Illustrierte and Echo der Woche in Munich failed, and Habe's journalistic career ended in 1954.

With more than 40 publications to his credit, however, Habe established a reputation as a best-selling novelist.

From the 1960s on, calling himself an "extremist of the center," he openly opposed left-wing and liberal authors such as Max Frisch and Rolf Hochhuth in Welt am Sonntag.

In the same vein he argued against the antireader and antimoral avant-garde, the nouveau roman, and the so-called nonrepresentational novel.

Throughout his career he remained a pugnacious defender of his own interests and opinions. He sued the magazine Stern in 1952 for the publication of details of his private life, and he brought politically motivated suits against others, for example, in the charges made against Friedrich Dürrenmatt in 1972.

Habe died on 29 September 1977 in Locarno, Switzerland. You're only one in a million, so why bother to speak up, to get involved, to commit yourself? German author Hans Habe answers this way: "The world is one percent good, one percent bad, and 98 percent neutral, and this is why what individuals do is important".

Patty Montgomery: Heard this one before?

Last night while listening to Brian Davis' excellent radio show, Patty could not help but wonder where she'd heard Patty (Krenwinkel) Montgomery being a friend of Bill Garretson's before? Is this really "new," she thought? Well, no, it's not. A quick Google search this morning yielded the following:

Commenter "Courtney" says in 2009: "I've always thought the dogs there were used to her anyway - I think she was the Patty Montgomery who stayed with Garretson for a while. Manson's scout."

And here:
Commenter "damfino" says in 2009: "I haven't seen this discussed anywhere, and I've been wondering: what are the chances Patty Montgomery is really Patricia Krenwinkel?  When I saw that name in the transcript, I kinda off-handedly went "Gee, Patty is short for Patricia, and Montgomery is close to Mobile" but didn't think anything more of it.  So it really startled me when a couple of days later I read that the fake name Krenwinkel gave when she was arrested in Mobile was Marnie Montgomery.  (Apparently Tex used Montgomery as an alias too?)  It's probably still just a coincidence, but I had to ask."

and here: http://truthontatelabianca.com/threads/maybe.1211/page-2
commenter "Courtney" says in 2008: "Also he said the girls name who used to come to Guest House was none than Patty Montgomery - Patty? Watson's nom de plumb - Montegomery - coincidence - as Jung says "There are no coincidence only significations"

Patty's take: Maybe this bit of information is important, and maybe it's not. But it's not "new." We should all keep trying though because "The Truth" IS out there somewhere.

Malibu Feed Bin

The Malibu Feed Bin is a family owned feed store that features gifts, toys, holiday decorations, Christmas trees. firewood, pet supplies and livestock feed.

Malibu Feed Bin circa 1920's
photo courtesy of charliemanson.com

Malibu Feed Bin 2012
exclusive photos by eviliz.com

The Malibu Feed Bin sits next door to where Sadie, Linda and Clem went after leaving Saladin Nader's apartment. Charlie was friends with the owner and would park his bus here sometimes. Charlie & company may of painted the bus black at this location, not sure though.

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Older, not Wiser

Have some cake! WOOT

Patty doubts that the cake her mother will be serving tonight will look anything like this one, and that's probably for the best. :)

43, incase you were wondering: on the brink of incontinence, beard hairs and polyester pantsuits. SEXXXY! At least Roman remembered, what a sweetheart.

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Get well wishes from everyone at Eviliz's

Bruce you good ole Christian boy, maybe if you spilled the beans about Shorty's grave you might have got out early but Clem beat you to it.  My Bruce connect told me Bruce's new hearing is October 4th 2012.  That should give him plenty of time to recuperate from his illness.

Topanga Canyon (Fernwood) Market

This market has been at 446 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd since WWII; the building itself has been there longer.

Just below Bobby's house in the canyon, this most likely would of been the place Charlie, Bobby and the Family plus anyone connected would have shopped, when they weren't digging in dumpsters, that is.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jameses and Laurens

Farflung. Gotta love him (at least, Patty does. Don't tell Mr. Patty, okay?). He is into the minutiae, the "devil in the details." He wrote this to Patty recently, and it made her go, Hmmmmm.  What do you think?:

"From the ridiculously deep trivia files only Farf finds interesting, and maybe Patty.

I did a little searching for the mysterious James and Lauren which have been used as ‘Free-Spaces’ on the Manson Family connection bingo card.  It appears to have been a strong case of confirmation bias and I think I’m about to add to the mix. 
It begins in 1970 when James Forsher and Lauren Elder are mentioned in association with the missing attorney Ronald Hughes.  James and Lauren are both reported as 17 years old and from West Los Angeles.

Next in 1972 is the disjointed murders of James and Lauren (Willett) in Stockton with Squeaky and Brenda in attendance as Manson associates.  Even though nothing has tied James and Lauren to any Manson activities, this does not appear to impede the inferences.

Then arrives 1974 and the publication of ‘Helter Skelter’ with an oblique mention of James and Lauren who have somehow become Manson Family members and potential assassins of Ronald Hughes.

Subsequently James Forsher comes out of the woodwork and files a law suit against Bugliosi, which he (Forsher) loses in 1980, where the paper reports his age as 22.

Now for the Twilight Zone stuff.  The ‘other’ Lauren was Lauren Elder and there was only one I could find that lived in the LA area in the 70’s but she would have been 21 at that time rather than the 17 reported in the previous article.  So dead end and the ‘One Degree of Separation’ has been established.  Or was it?

Apparently this Lauren Elder was flying in a light aircraft in 1976 which had crashed in the high mountains resulting in the death of the pilot and other passenger.  This Lauren manages to stumble, fall and crawl from the crash site and arrive in Independence, CA and rescue.  But that rescue was delayed because people refused to help her, out of fears that she was part of the Manson Family (insert that weird, sci-fi Theremin sound).

I don’t know if the plane crash Lauren Elder is one in the same as the Ronald Hughes disappearance Lauren Elder, but was surprised how easy it would be to make the association with Manson and add to the confusion and lore.

Sincerely, Farf"

Farf, who the hell are you, anyway? Patty is thinking, ex-CIA. Is she close?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ines Mejia Folger -- socialite lived with zest

Jill Tucker, Chronicle Staff Writer
Published 04:00 a.m., Friday, July 27, 2007

Days after her 100th birthday, Ines Mejia Folger greeted a friend who arrived at her bedside.
"I'm bored," Ms. Folger said. "I should get a job."

The centenarian had only recently given up French lessons to maintain her accent and had employed a personal trainer well into her 90s.

But now she was bored.

She couldn't continue to read; her eyesight had failed some time before, and she couldn't play a hand of bridge. But she could talk, Ms. Folger told her friend John Drum, so maybe she could advise people.

Ms. Folger, known as simply Pui to everyone who knew her, died less than two weeks later on July 15.

Her wise counsel, however, was not lost. The San Francisco native guided generations by example for decades, living life with enthusiasm, curiosity and a large measure of gusto while overcoming a very public and horrifying tragedy, friends said.

Her daughter Abigail had died 38 years ago at the age of 25 -- one of the five people killed by followers of Charles Manson at the Los Angeles home of actress Sharon Tate on Aug. 8, 1969.

"I just don't know how she got through it," said Joan Chatfield-Taylor, a friend of Ms. Folger's over five decades. "She was open about talking about it. And she never lost her sense of humor. It helps when you have one million friends," Chatfield-Taylor said.

Ms. Folger was born Ines Mejia in Piedmont in 1907 -- denied a San Francisco birthright after her family was displaced by the 1906 earthquake.

Her father was the consul general for El Salvador and she spent much of her youth attending schools in France and England.

Decades later, she would enthrall friends at dinner parties with stories about the burial of the Unknown Soldier beneath the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and other post-World War I events -- "things that came right out of the history books," Chatfield-Taylor said.

She returned to finish high school at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Menlo Park, but was ultimately denied a diploma because she helped a classmate elope.

In 1933, she married Peter Folger, a member of the coffee family. They had two children, Abigail and Peter, and were divorced in 1952.

Friends described Ms. Folger as the center of attention and the liveliest person in any room. A voracious reader, she was curious about a wide range of topics and had opinions on virtually any idea that was raised at a dinner table.

"She didn't spend her time being shocked and disapproving," Chatfield-Taylor said. "She was always interested in what was going on."

In the mid-1960s, when she was in her 60s, Ms. Folger worked in the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic.

In the 1990s, when she was in her 90s, she met the Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan monk tied a string around Ms. Folger's neck, a simple spiritual token the San Francisco socialite wore for years, Drum said.

"It was a profound experience for her," he said of the encounter that happened at the San Francisco Opera. "She said she looked into his eyes and saw his soul and such humanity."

Ms. Folger was a founding member of the Patrons of the Arts and Music at the Palace of Fine Arts, which eventually evolved into the Fine Arts Museum Board. She was also a board member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Ms. Folger was a fan of San Francisco gossip and "terribly up to date on it," Chatfield-Taylor said.
"She was in society," she said, "but she didn't take the social scene that seriously."

Ms. Folger is survived by her son Peter Folger of San Francisco; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

A memorial Mass will be said at 4 p.m. on Sept. 17, at St. Ignatius Church, 650 Parker Ave., San Francisco.

Donations can be sent to the Abigail Folger Library Fund, Santa Catalina School, 1500 Mark Thomas Dr., Monterey, CA, 93940.
(courtesy Helter Skelter Forum)

The Broken Wings and The Itchy Crotch

Saladin Nader was a Lebanese actor that starred in The Broken Wings, the movie about poet Kahlil Gibran.  Nader once picked up Linda Kasabian and Sandy Good hitchhiking and took them back to his Venice Beach apartment and had sex with Linda while Sandy took a nap on the couch.  On the night of the LaBianca murders, Charlie dropped off Linda, Sadie and Clem near Nader's apartment with instructions to kill him and then hitchhike back to Spahn's Ranch.  According to Kasabian, she purposely brought Sadie and Clem to the wrong door and the mission was aborted.

Info from-http://www.cielodrive.com/saladin-nader-apartment.php

I wonder what Saladin thought when he saw Linda on t.v. after the murders.
I also wonder which S.T.D Linda gave him.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fabulous Bastards from Chicago: Is This Shorty?

Submitted by Farflung:

"Hey Patty,
Need a little help with some more trivia.  Take a look at the ‘extended trailer’ in the below URL.  You may need to first click the ‘Remove Family Safe Filter’ button because it is a soft core flick named ‘The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago’.  No, I’m not trying to get my jollies having you watch a skin flick; this is the movie which is rumored to have Shorty Shea appear:
The footage of interest is (2:06-2:23). 
Is the man with his face strategically hidden throughout the fight, in the western setting and doing some stunts Shorty?  I can’t tell.
There are only a few confirmed images of Shorty and they certainly don’t look like a man who is 35 years of age, but I’m a terrible age estimator.  It just appeared to be worth a glance since so little is published about this man.
What do you think?
Sincerely Farf."
IMDB says that Shorty did appear in this movie in an uncredited role. So, is that him at 2:06?

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Dominion of Melchizedek / The Republic of New Lemuria

Staying on topic with Krishna Venta and The Fountain of the World, Patty did a little research on the guy that lives at 585 Box Canyon Road today. His name is Richard James McDonald, formerly titled "Ambassador at Large Plenipotentiary, Minister Of DoM Permanent Court Of Arbitration, Governor of the Dominion of Melchizedek Bar Association and Minister Of Police." He also uses the titles "PhD" and "Esquire" presumably because the Dominion of Melchizedek claims international sovereignty and can set up any kind of rules they want. Imagined territories of the DoM are West Antarctica and several small islands or submerged reefs in the Pacific: Malpelo, Taongi, Solkope, Clipperton and Karitane. The DoM is also a quasi-religious organization, and has its own bible.

An article in the Washington Post reported that DoM was "diplomatically recognized" by the Central African Republic in 1993, but stated, "...you get the feeling that the Central African Republic would recognize the State of Denial if it had a letterhead." An article in the Quatloos online anti-fraud site noted that "Melchizedek has apparently obtained some sort of recognition from some smaller states ... all of which are notable for their corruption." Over 300 investors in various parts of the world have lost money in purported investment, fantasy passport and employment scams run by several "banks" licensed by the DoM. Apologists have suggested that there is no link between Melchizedek and the illegal activities conducted by "banks" it has "licensed."

In November of 1990, McDonald lost an appeal in a case against the US government as follows: "Richard J. McDonald appeals from the judgment of conviction entered by the district court on three counts of willfully failing to file federal tax returns in violation of 26 U.S.C. s 7203. McDonald seeks reversal on the grounds that (1) the district court lacked jurisdiction; (2) the indictment failed to adequately allege a criminal offense; (3) he is not a "person" subject to federal tax laws; and (4) Congress did not have the power to enact federal tax statutes because the Fourteenth Amendment was never properly ratified." Needless to say, he lost.

In April 2000, CBS's 60 Minutes II aired a report critical of the DoM. After CBS aired the program, DoM demanded a retraction of statements made during the program. As a result of the bad press, DoM filed a lawsuit (in their own judicial system), seeking damages for libel against CBS in the amount of $1 billion. DoM subsequently entered a default judgement against CBS, claiming that the company failed to respond to the lawsuit. Because of the lack of jurisdiction of the lawsuit, CBS has refused to acknowledge the judgement.
Most recently, McDonald has attempted to avoid the stigma of being associated with the DOM by renaming it "The Republic of New Lemuria." He also claims to have been "knighted" twice: first by "The Sovereign and Imperial Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen" and again by "Price Michael Romanov of Russia." In the real world, he was a law enforcement officer before becoming involved in securities fraud, tax evasion and teaching people how to get out of paying speeding fines.

What a freaking nut! Just goes to show that the residents of Box Canyon are as weird now as they ever were. If you care to make an appointment with Sir McDonald to discuss becoming a citizen of his imaginary country, he can be reached via the website at http://www.melchizedek.com/legations/na1.htm

Sound familiar?

I (Ole J.C.) just read the book "The Spiritual Teachings of Master Krishna Venta" and read a lot of similarities with Manson's so-called "Helter Skelter."

Venta believed and preached in an impending race war between blacks and whites. Venta said it would be 1965, but of course died long before that. Venta said that Blacks would win the race war, but be forced to hand over reigns to Russia (whites) due to their superiority. Venta's Godly chore was to assemble a tribe of 144,000 "chosen" ones to hide in underground caverns in a "Valley" he chose (and kept secret) for 40 years until the war ran its course.

Sound familiar?

The man who compiled that book, Jon Fisher, claimed Manson was a MEMBER of the Fountain of the World. “In the summer of 1968 Charles Manson joined the cult. My stepfather, who served in World War 2 as a tail gunner in bombers over Japan, tolerated ‘Brother Charles’ until it was discovered that the lunatic was giving drugs to some of the kids. The ‘family’ was allowed to stay in the cult until they found other housing, but Charles was required to stay in his bus on the upper parking lot. This experience had a traumatic effect on the entire Manson ‘family’, and the rest is history.

Krishna Venta had tremendous influence on Brother Isaiah of Alaska, Charles Manson in 1968 and even Jimmy Jones. Charles Manson lived at the Fountain for a few months and learned a great deal from myself, my step-father, and other Fountain members.”

Venta historian Shawn Sutherland also said he interviewed MANY Fountain members and they ALL said the cross was never on the rock when Manson was in the area- that it was removed after Venta's death and did not make it back until the 70's (after Manson was in prison). So Manson or Watkins never hung on it as Paul Watkins stated in his book.

Here is something Shawn Sutherland posted about Venta on a cult website:

Born Francis Pencovic in the San Francisco of 1911, Venta was an interesting candidate for messiah, having previously lived as burglar, thief, con artist, and shipyard timekeeper. This changed in 1946 when, following a stretch on a chain gang and a stint in the Army, Pencovic’s body (or so he claimed) became the host vessel for the “Christ Everlasting,” an eternal spirit being who had not only died on the cross at Calvary 2,000 years earlier, but had commandeered to Earth from the planet Neophrates a convoy of rocket ships whose passengers included Adam and Eve.

But in the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, insisted Venta, such ancient history was irrelevant. This time around, his Earthly mission was to gather the 144,000 Elect foretold in Revelation and deliver them from an apocalypse heretofore unseen by mankind.

To draw attention to this cause, Venta donned a monk’s robe, permanently discarded footwear, and thereafter forewent cutting both hair and beard. In the Truman and Eisenhower eras, Venta, who frequently made headlines for both his luck at the dog track and his repeated arrests for failure to pay child support, cut a unique figure. His message, however, could not have been more tailor-made for Cold War America.

Armageddon, prophesied Venta, would begin as an armed race war in the streets of America. (If Venta's vision of the future sounds oddly reminiscent of "Helter Skelter," it must be noted that strong debate exists regarding whether Charles Manson, who periodically lodged at the Fountain of the World circa 1968 and 1969, was privy to the teachings of the dead cult leader during his respites there.) In this conflict, Communist Russia, with its nuclear weaponry, would render military aid to African-Americans. But the Soviets would eventually reveal their true stripes, insisted Venta, by enslaving their African-American allies and terminating religious freedom worldwide. Still, fear was unnecessary, for Venta was actively gathering the 144,000, and knew of a hidden North American valley in which his Elect could hide during the bloodshed until the ordained day came for them to exit their secret refuge en masse, cast out the Soviet empire, free the enslaved, and restore religious freedom to mankind.

Until then, Venta could be found on the road spreading his gospel or at either the Homer, Alaska, or Chatsworth, California, outposts of his WKFL (Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Love) Fountain of the World communal colonies, where his 100-something faithful (primarily females) engaged in such varied works of goodwill as feeding the homeless, offering shelter to battered women, and fighting wildfires.

Special thanks to Ole J.C. for the write-up!