Monday, July 16, 2012

Malibu Feed Bin

The Malibu Feed Bin is a family owned feed store that features gifts, toys, holiday decorations, Christmas trees. firewood, pet supplies and livestock feed.

Malibu Feed Bin circa 1920's
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Malibu Feed Bin 2012
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The Malibu Feed Bin sits next door to where Sadie, Linda and Clem went after leaving Saladin Nader's apartment. Charlie was friends with the owner and would park his bus here sometimes. Charlie & company may of painted the bus black at this location, not sure though.

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sunset77 said...

There is a bit of info about the Malibu Feed Bin and the Spiral Staircase and a few pics here on another blog.

Also, Ed Sanders says in his book about the Manson bus:

"At first, the bus remained school yellow in color, but the police began to stop them in violation of laws governing school busses. At a beach somewhere they acquired a quantity of black spray paint and some bikers sprayed the bus, even the windows. They meant to paint the bus with white letters "Hollywood Productions" but a French girl did the painting and spelled it like she pronounced it "Holywood Productions".

The scam was to come on like a roving film crew-to avoid the obvious problems a 33 year old man with a busload of miniskirted teenage girls might pose, particularly to the police"