Sunday, July 15, 2012

Older, not Wiser

Have some cake! WOOT

Patty doubts that the cake her mother will be serving tonight will look anything like this one, and that's probably for the best. :)

43, incase you were wondering: on the brink of incontinence, beard hairs and polyester pantsuits. SEXXXY! At least Roman remembered, what a sweetheart.


Al said...

Happy Birthday Patty!

Staceey L. said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you drink so much tequila you see Jesus in the bathroom!


sunset77 said...

Happy Birthday Patty, drink one for me.

Farflung said...

Happy forty-third Patty, and enjoy all the wisdom that age has wrought.

Because you’re totally right about the incontinence thing.

TheTide said...

Can you identify the men in this photo? I acknowledge Clem and Paul Watson, but the others? Thank you!

sunset77 said...

MissTone said...

Can you identify the men in this photo? I acknowledge Clem and Paul Watson, but the others? Thank you!

Here's my guess:

The guy with the black beard is Mark Ross, he was a friend of Robert Hendrickson that filmed the family. He also was renting the apartment where "Zero" died.

Hendrickson identified the man standing next to him as "Kevin". Not much is known about him except he hung around Spahn during the trial, he may have been an FBI informant.

Partially hidden behind Gypsy is "probably Clem", Steve Grogan.

The man in the front row is Paul Watkins.

The women are Lynette Fromme, Sandra Good and Catherine Share, Share is probably holding Sandra Good's son, Ivan.

orwhut said...


Brian Davis said...

Happy Birthday Patty !

Patty is Dead said...

Thanks, y'all.

Patty's cake was strawberry w/shaved white chocolate, A LA MODE. (burp)

candy and nuts said...

Happy Birthday!

Ajerseydevil said...

Sorry IM late but Happy belated birthday to my favorite blogger get lotsa great info from you miss Patty including interesting reads
Been M.I.A. Following my bud Andy's advice to read the good Col Scott's official T,L blogg from day one 05 wow this boys got some catching up to do but I'm working being better informed and hopefully excepted by more people on here Peace.

fiona1933 said...

Patty! 43 is not old! What is it with this American cult of youth, really! If you were French, you would now be the intriguing 'dame d'un certain age', with a look of experience and worldliness that the unwritten teenage face can't have.

Every age has its own beauty and I think it's so sad that everything from America is all about trying to look 20. Any grown woman who succeeds in wiping off the years is praised to the heavens for being so 'hot' and so 'young'. It's grotesque. I am disgusted with Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker. Especially Madonna: such a forceful woman, she could have set a new standard for aging, instead of flashing her nipple at 53. She could have been a great grand dame in the Gilded Age style, but look at her teenage clothes and God, the horror of her arms.

Anyway! Happy happy birthday! And yes, 43 is very sexy. Its worldly, mysterious, confident and SEXY! And I know, because I am 44.

Patty is Dead said...

Thank you, Fi. Patty hopes that one day we will get back to the old ways, when maturity was indeed revered.

However, Patty does miss her flat stomach and tight butt. Sigh.

Glad to see you. :)