Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Squeaky's Swimming Hole"

Dear friend of the Evilist SUMMER SWANN has graciously allowed Patty to share these photos that she took at The Family's famous swimming hole near Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth. Summer calls it "Squeaky's Swimming Hole," and says it's not a difficult hike to get there. However, since not a lot of people know exactly where it is, most of the time you can enjoy it privately or with a good friend or three.
Below: Summer poses by a tree that looks a lot like the one in the High Places video (you can see that here:
Channeling the essence of Squeaky in the swimming hole.
Thank you for allowing us to share. You Rock!

Manson's Missing Treasure

Sgt. Paul Dostie says:

"Charlie and I have a friendly relationship over several years now and we have had over 200 phone conversations as well as the exchange of many cards and letters. He has even sent me a Christmas card! Charlie was kind enough to tell me about a stash of supplies buried near the Barker Ranch and circle the location on an aerial photo.

"I have the photo but you can print Charlie's letter describing what is buried at the stash location.  It is illegal to bring a metal detector into a National Park or dig in a National Park.

"Charlie has given me a Family name. This does not mean that I am a member of the Family darn it!  The name he gave me is "Dog Boy". He said that on the chain gangs in the south, when working on the side of the road, a guard with a dog would patrol the area in case anyone tried to escape. When one of the inmates saw the dog coming towards them, the word would be passed down the line, "Dog Boy coming, Dog Boy coming".