Monday, September 12, 2011


A view from 3-Star Enterprises

3-Star Enterprises, Bryan Lukashevsky,

This is the Bernard Crowe shooting location at Rosina Kroner's apartment, 6933 Franklin Avenue Hollywood. The above image was taken from the apartment complex that Manson was supposedly running 3-Star Enterprises from and was arrested at in 1959. Yes, these locations are that close!

Rosina Kroner's apartment was about where the storage container is. The Magic Castle is in the background. This is where Crowe was shot by Charles Manson. With Crowe when he was shot, was a guy named Bryan Lukashevsky. Oddly enough, Bryan was arrested with the family at Spahn's Ranch during the raid on 9/16/1969. Tex mentions that the apartment had a view of the driveway of the Magic Castle next door. Below, you can see Kroner's apartment complex and the Magic Castle. The complex was demolished in 1978. All that remains are the Palm trees.